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Rare specialties are harder to find as the probability that a player has one of these specialties is much lower compared to the well-known five (namaly Technical, Quick, Powerful, Head, Unpredictable).

There is no limit to rare specialties creation, although only a couple of them have been created by Hattrick Team in all these years.


   Find similar.png   Main article: Resilient

Regainer was the first new rare specialty to appear in Hattrick. This new line of text appeared in the rules when the first regainers were pulled. It indicates that more 'rare' specialties are to be expected.

This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 14
Some rare specialties also exist. Their effects are more or less unknown and up to you to find out.

For several months after introduction, the effects of the Regainer specialty was still unknown. There was a lot of discussion, for example, in the Global(English) conference. The LA's stated that there were no new special events added for the match reports.

As by HT-Tjecken's statement in conference , it is now confirmed that Regainers are players that regain their health more quickly than others .

Keywords: (Regainer)
From: HT-Tjecken (7963000.878) as reply to (7963000.836)
To: ralarsen 2007-02-02, at 11:51
How is the weather now?

Hot as hell. I think we call this one busted. :)

Regainers are indeed players who regain health somewhat faster than others.

Other reference are
posts 7963000.878, 7022859.1 Part I, 7064263.1 Part II, 7272003.1 Part III, 7963000.1 Part IV.

After 10 years, "Regainer" specialty was teawed and renamed "Resilient" to reflect the wider scope of their vigor and durability. With the new engine modifications in fact they will also have their skill drop kick in at a slightly higher age than other players.


   Find similar.png   Main article: Support

A new rare specialty, Support, was introduced at the same time as Resilient was tweaked, on December 18, 2017.

This is an extract from devblog entry A new Match Engine Odyssey posted by HT-Tasos
We started giving birth to this specialty earlier last season. The effect is quite simple. If the Support Player Special Events is triggered, he has 20% boost in total to share with the nearby players. But there is a chance to drop your team’s organization instead. So be careful how you use this player.

Define nearby players:

Middle Forward = 10% to left Forward + 10% to right forward
Right/Left Forward = 10% to Middle Forward + 10% to right/left Winger
Middle IM = 10% to Middle CD + 10% to middle FW
Right/Left IM = 10% to right/left Winger + 5% to right/left CD + 5% to right/left FW
Winger = 10% on left/right Forward + 10% on left/right Wingback
Middle Defender = 10% to left Defender + 10% to right Defender
Right/Left Defender = 10% to middle Defender + 10% to right/left Wingback
Wingback = 10% to left/right Defender + 10% to right/left Winger
Goalkeeper = 10% to middle Defender + 5% to left Defender + 5% to right Defender