Real Groenteboer

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Real Groenteboer (367317)
Managed by groenteboer_fc

LocationNoord-Brabant Nederland
ArenaSantiago Broccoli
Fan ClubSYL side


Real Groenteboer was founded in 2004 in The Netherlands Template:Flag/NED

Home Kit: Grobothuis.gif      Away Kit: Grobouit.gif


13 7th in IX.98not qualified
14Division IX.PNG1st in IX.98not qualified
15Division VIII.PNG1st in VIII.893round 2
16Division VII.PNG1st in VII.486round 3
17Division VI.PNG1st in VI.1005round 4
18 3rd in VI.1005round 4
19 2nd in VI.1005round 3
20 3rd in VI.1005round 3
21 5th in VI.1005round 3
22 3rd in VI.1005round 3
23Division VI.PNG1st in VI.1005round 3
24 4th in V.20round 8
25 3rd in V.20round 5
26Division V.PNG1st in V.20round 5

International Games

The Santiago Broccoli stadium is the home ground of Real Groenteboer. The stadium hosted the interational friendly between Nederland Template:Flag/NED and Danmark Template:Flag/DEN on 30 june 2006, which ended in a 0-5 victory for Danmark.

The stadium is visited by teams of several countries accross the globe:

Template:Flag/ALG Template:Flag/MAR Template:Flag/JOR Template:Flag/AND Template:Flag/ARG Template:Flag/AZE Template:Flag/BLR Template:Flag/BEL
Template:Flag/BOL Template:Flag/BIH Template:Flag/BRA Template:Flag/BUL Template:Flag/CAN Template:Flag/CZE Template:Flag/CHI Template:Flag/TPE
Template:Flag/CHN Template:Flag/COL Template:Flag/CRC Template:Flag/MON Template:Flag/WAL Template:Flag/CYP Template:Flag/DEN Template:Flag/GER
Template:Flag/ECU Template:Flag/EST Template:Flag/SLV Template:Flag/ENG Template:Flag/ESP Template:Flag/FRO Template:Flag/FRA Template:Flag/GHA
Template:Flag/GUA Template:Flag/KOR Template:Flag/GRE Template:Flag/HON Template:Flag/HKG Template:Flag/CRO Template:Flag/IND Template:Flag/IDN
Template:Flag/IRN Template:Flag/IRL Template:Flag/ISL Template:Flag/ISR Template:Flag/ITA Template:Flag/KAZ Template:Flag/KGZ Template:Flag/LIE
Template:Flag/LVA Template:Flag/LUX Template:Flag/LTU Template:Flag/HUN Template:Flag/MKD Template:Flag/MAS Template:Flag/MLT Template:Flag/MEX
Template:Flag/EGY Template:Flag/MDA Template:Flag/NIR Template:Flag/NED Template:Flag/JPN Template:Flag/NOR Template:Flag/OCE Template:Flag/AUT
Template:Flag/PAN Template:Flag/PAR Template:Flag/PER Template:Flag/PHI Template:Flag/POL Template:Flag/POR Template:Flag/THA Template:Flag/DOM
Template:Flag/ROU Template:Flag/RUS Template:Flag/GEO Template:Flag/SUI Template:Flag/SCO Template:Flag/ALB Template:Flag/SIN Template:Flag/SVN
Template:Flag/SVK Template:Flag/RSA Template:Flag/SER Template:Flag/FIN Template:Flag/SWE Template:Flag/TUN Template:Flag/TUR Template:Flag/UKR
Template:Flag/URU Template:Flag/USA Template:Flag/VEN Template:Flag/VIE

Real Groenteboer travelled to several countries for international games as well:

Template:Flag/ARG Template:Flag/BEL Template:Flag/BRA Template:Flag/BUL Template:Flag/CZE Template:Flag/COL Template:Flag/CRC Template:Flag/GER
Template:Flag/ESP Template:Flag/FRA Template:Flag/GRE Template:Flag/CRO Template:Flag/IDN Template:Flag/IRN Template:Flag/ISR Template:Flag/ITA
Template:Flag/LTU Template:Flag/MLT Template:Flag/MEX Template:Flag/EGY Template:Flag/NED Template:Flag/PER Template:Flag/PHI Template:Flag/DOM
Template:Flag/RUS Template:Flag/SUI Template:Flag/SVK Template:Flag/SER Template:Flag/SWE Template:Flag/URU Template:Flag/VEN Template:Flag/VIE

The youth team, Real Groenteboer Cassave, also plays against top youth teams from different countries. Ciudad Deportiva de Veldsla, the youth training facility, has welcomed youth teams from different countries:

Template:Flag/AND Template:Flag/ANG Template:Flag/BHR Template:Flag/BAN Template:Flag/BRB Template:Flag/BEL Template:Flag/BRU Template:Flag/DEN
Template:Flag/GER Template:Flag/ECU Template:Flag/GHA Template:Flag/ARM Template:Flag/LUX Template:Flag/MOZ Template:Flag/MGL Template:Flag/NED
Template:Flag/JPN Template:Flag/NCA Template:Flag/NGA Template:Flag/OMA Template:Flag/PAK Template:Flag/RSA Template:Flag/SUR Template:Flag/TRI


Dante HanssenTemplate:Flag/NED
Ludwik RoznowiczTemplate:Flag/POL
Maciej ZajaczkwskiTemplate:Flag/POL
-Del HardingTemplate:Flag/USA


(Records are taken from start to season 26)

Best League Position:1st in V (s24)
Worst League Position:7th in IX (s13)
Highest Attendance:50000 - Real Groenteboer 1 - 2 Windsmear United Template:Flag/NED (cup s24,w5)
Highest Gate Income:449 625 €
Highest Average Attendance:47351 (s26)
Biggest Win:V.V. Doelloos Template:Flag/NED 0 - 13 Real Groenteboer (cup s23,w1)
Biggest League Win:Real Groenteboer 10 - 0 HFC Bornholm Template:Flag/NED (s24,w14)
Biggest Defeat:Real Groenteboer 0 - 8 FC Paas Template:Flag/NED (cup s17,w4)
Biggest League Defeat:Real Groenteboer 0 - 6 losnacos Template:Flag/NED (s21,w6)
Highest Scoring Game:V.V. Doelloos Template:Flag/NED 0 - 13 Real Groenteboer (cup s23,w1)
Highest League Scoring Game:Lokomotiv Roelski Template:Flag/NED 1 - 11 Real Groenteboer (s26,w12)
Longest Series Of Wins:14 - (s15,w5 - s16,w2)
Longest Series Of Defeats:3 - (s18,w4 - s18,w5)
Longest Series Without A Loss:17 - (s15,w2 - s16,w2)
Longest Series Without A Win:3 - (s13,w8 - s13,w10)
Topscorer:28 - Del Harding Template:Flag/USA (s23)
League Topscorer:20 - Jessie Hitchcock Template:Flag/ISR (s14)
Most Goals In One Game:4 - Eugen Spale Template:Flag/GER vs. swv Template:Flag/NED (s15,w1)
Highest Average Star Rating:8,32 - Yeonjin Kim Template:Flag/KOR (s24)
Most Times MOTM:14 - Yeonjin Kim Template:Flag/KOR (s24)
Most Booked:Pieter-Jesse Bekooi Template:Flag/NED (3 red cards/2 yellow card) (s25)
Most League Games:132 - Peter Everts Template:Flag/NED
Most League Goals:62 - Jean-Marc Wolvensberg Template:Flag/NED
Youngest Player:16 years and 77 days - Emil Hartmans Template:Flag/NED vs. Looney Babes Template:Flag/NED (cup s21,w3)
Oldest Player:38 years and 105 days - Maciej Zajaczkwski Template:Flag/POL vs. Flexy Template:Flag/NED (cup s20,w2)
Highest Transfer Fee Payed:4 818 000 € - Fokko van de Arend Template:Flag/NED from FC Hearts of Iron Template:Flag/AUT
Highest Transfer Fee Recieved:3 500 000 € - Frank Strobelt Template:Flag/GER to empifas Template:Flag/POR
Highest Total Transfer Fee Payed:6 661 000 € (s24)
Highest Total Transfer Fee Recieved:5 996 000 € (s24)


Official website: Real Groenteboer Online