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|Region: || [[Groningen]]  
|Region: || [[Groningen]]  
|- style="background: #ffffff;"
|- style="background: #ffffff;"
|Competition: || [[IV.18 (Nederland)|III.3]]
|Competition: || [[V.32 (Nederland)|V.32]]
|- style="background: #ffffff;"
|- style="background: #ffffff;"
|Manager: || {{Flagicon|NED}} [[User:Roanus|Roanus]]
|Manager: || {{Flagicon|NED}} [[User:Roanus|Roanus]]

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Real Lutjegast
Logo iv.jpg
Founded: 09.04.2008
Clubcolors: Red & Blue
Country: Netherlands Nederland
Region: Groningen
Competition: V.32
Manager: Netherlands Roanus
Fanclub: Lutjegast Fanatics
Name: Lutjegast ArenA
Capacity: 60.000
Terraces: 34.140
Basic seatins: 13.080
Seats under roof: 11.400
Seats in VIP boxes: 1.380
Hall of Fame
Trophies: Prijzen3.png
Topscorers competitions: Netherlands Gerold van den Brakel (11 goals) Goldenboot VI.gif

Netherlands Hendrik-Jan Helmantel (15 goals) Goldenboot VI.gif


Real Lutjegast (also known as FC Lutjeboys) is a Dutch footballclub from Lutjegast, a small village with only 1000 inhabitants in Western Groningen. The traditional colors of the club are dark-red and dark-blue. The colors of the logo and homekit's confirm this. Also in the stadium, which has 60.000 places, the colors come back.


Most matches for the club:

Place Player Matches
1 Netherlands Jaron Lodder 395*
2 Bulgaria Milcho Sulev 232
3 Chile Raúl Berguño 220
4 Netherlands Pavel Bilderdijk 218
5 Italy Franco Dragonetti 215
6 Netherlands Augie van Gennip 163
7 Netherlands Olger van der Hurk 160
8 Netherlands Jari Oudman 155*
9 Netherlands Giorgio Raaijmakers 151*
10 Netherlands Dominique de Kok 126

Most official goals for the club:

Place Player Goals
1 Netherlands Jacco Keulen 65
2 Sweden Klas Thorling 62
3 Netherlands Jari Oudman 58*
4 Chile Raúl Berguño 52
5 Netherlands Augie van Gennip 49
6 Netherlands Pavel Bilderdijk 46
7 Bulgaria Milcho Sulev 43
8 Italy Franco Dragonetti 42
9 Poland Marek Jamrozinski 32
10 Italy Corrado Avesio 31

* Last update 20th July 2015


Highest League Position:1st in III. (s44, s45)
Lowest League Position:1st in X. (s26)
Highest Attendance:60000 - Real Lutjegast 6-0 De Vale Gieren Netherlands (league s44,w9)
Highest Average Attendance:54430 (s43)
Biggest Win:Straatteam Netherlands 0-12 Real Lutjegast (league s45,w1)
Biggest League Win:TicTacToe Netherlands 0-11 FC Lutjeboys (league s28,w1)
Biggest Defeat:0-10 fc Nijn Netherlands (s46,w5) ; 0-10 FC Wollies Netherlands (s46,w9)
Biggest League Defeat:0-10 fc Nijn Netherlands (s46,w5) ; 0-10 FC Wollies Netherlands (s46,w9)
Highest Scoring Game:12 goals - Straatteam Netherlands 0-12 Real Lutjegast (league s45,w1)
Longest Series Of Wins:17 matches - (s42,w2 t/m s42,w10)
Longest Series Of Defeats:15 matches - (s35,w1 t/m s35,w14)
Longest Series Without A Win:15 matches - (s35,w1 t/m s35,w14)
Longest Series Without A Loss:25 matches - (s41,w11 t/m s42,w12)
Most Goals In One Game:6 goals - Klas Thorling Sweden s41,w1)
Most Official Matches:262 matches - Jaron Lodder Netherlands
Most Official Goals:65 goals - Jacco Keulen Netherlands
Highest Transfer Fee Payed:4 863 000 € - Rudi Koelman Netherlands from FC Wespennest Netherlands
Highest Transfer Fee Recieved:7 249 000 € - Jo Kouwenaar Netherlands to Molenburgh Netherlands

* Last update 3rd April 2015


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