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Real Lutjegast
Logo iv.jpg
Founded: 09.04.2008
Clubcolors: Red & Blue
Country: Netherlands Nederland
Region: Groningen
Competition: V.32
Manager: Netherlands Roanus
Fanclub: Lutjegast Fanatics
Name: Lutjegast ArenA
Capacity: 60.000
Terraces: 34.140
Basic seatins: 13.080
Seats under roof: 11.400
Seats in VIP boxes: 1.380
Hall of Fame
Trophies: Prijzen3.png
Topscorers competitions: Netherlands Gerold van den Brakel (11 goals) Goldenboot VI.gif

Netherlands Hendrik-Jan Helmantel (15 goals) Goldenboot VI.gif


Real Lutjegast (also known as FC Lutjeboys) is a Dutch footballclub from Lutjegast, a small village with only 1000 inhabitants in Western Groningen. The traditional colors of the club are dark-red and dark-blue. The colors of the logo and homekit's confirm this. Also in the stadium, which has 60.000 places, the colors come back. Dominique de Kok is the only player left in the Hall of Fame from the team that started as FC Lutjeboys in April 2008.


Most matches for the club:

Place Player Matches
1 Netherlands Jaron Lodder 468*
2 Bulgaria Milcho Sulev 232
3 Chile Raúl Berguño 220
4 Netherlands Pavel Bilderdijk 218
5 Italy Franco Dragonetti 215
6 Netherlands Jari Oudman 203*
7 Netherlands Giorgio Raaijmakers 170*
8 Netherlands Augie van Gennip 163
9 Netherlands Olger van der Hurk 160
10 Netherlands Egbert de Gooijer 137

Most official goals for the club:

Place Player Goals
1 Netherlands Jari Oudman 81*
2 Netherlands Jacco Keulen 65
3 Sweden Klas Thorling 62
4 Chile Raúl Berguño 52
5 Netherlands Augie van Gennip 49
6 Netherlands Pavel Bilderdijk 46
7 Bulgaria Milcho Sulev 43
8 Italy Franco Dragonetti 42
9 Poland Marek Jamrozinski 32
10 Italy Corrado Avesio 31

* Last update 1st April 2016


Highest League Position:1st in III. (s44, s45)
Lowest League Position:1st in X. (s26)
Highest Attendance:60000 - Real Lutjegast 6-0 De Vale Gieren Netherlands (league s44,w9)
Highest Average Attendance:54430 (s43)
Biggest Win:Straatteam Netherlands 0-12 Real Lutjegast (league s45,w1)
Biggest League Win:TicTacToe Netherlands 0-11 FC Lutjeboys (league s28,w1)
Biggest Defeat:0-10 fc Nijn Netherlands (s46,w5) ; 0-10 FC Wollies Netherlands (s46,w9)
Biggest League Defeat:0-10 fc Nijn Netherlands (s46,w5) ; 0-10 FC Wollies Netherlands (s46,w9)
Highest Scoring Game:12 goals - Straatteam Netherlands 0-12 Real Lutjegast (league s45,w1)
Longest Series Of Wins:17 matches - (s42,w2 t/m s42,w10)
Longest Series Of Defeats:15 matches - (s35,w1 t/m s35,w14)
Longest Series Without A Win:15 matches - (s35,w1 t/m s35,w14)
Longest Series Without A Loss:25 matches - (s41,w11 t/m s42,w12)
Most Goals In One Game:6 goals - Klas Thorling Sweden s41,w1)
Most Official Matches:326 matches - Jaron Lodder Netherlands
Most Official Goals:81 goals - Jari Oudman Netherlands
Highest Transfer Fee Payed:4 863 000 € - Rudi Koelman Netherlands from FC Wespennest Netherlands
Highest Transfer Fee Recieved:7 249 000 € - Jo Kouwenaar Netherlands to Molenburgh Netherlands

* Last update 1st April 2016


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