Recreativo de Aldebaran

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Recreativo de Aldebaran is a team located in Lima, Peru. It was founded in january 9, 2003. The president is Daniel76. First official game was played with Diablos Azules and was lose with a 3-0.

Current Team


Flag Coach
Template:Flag/ESP Fabricio Griño


Flag Player Flag Player
Template:Flag/SWE Andreas Lovgard Template:Flag/BRA Augusto Maroni
Template:Flag/NED Ben Cuypers Template:Flag/PER Bryan Revilla
Template:Flag/PER Chusquis Maldonado Template:Flag/PER Demetrio Susanibar
Template:Flag/PER Federico Vellugo Template:Flag/NOR Glen Johansen
Template:Flag/WAL Glyn Rees Template:Flag/PER Gustavo Alvarado
Template:Flag/OCE Guy Johnson Template:Flag/PER Hipolito Corrico
Template:Flag/CHI Humberto Claros Template:Flag/PER Jose Luis Galvan
Template:Flag/PER Juan Carlos Jacome Template:Flag/PER Luis Colomina
Template:Flag/PER Marco Talavera Template:Flag/ROU Marian Gheorghe
Template:Flag/PER Octavio Hidalgo Template:Flag/PER Parko Olcese
Template:Flag/PER Renzo Condor Template:Flag/PER Ruben Yoshida
Template:Flag/PER Sandro Choquehuanca Template:Flag/PER Stefano Sesma
Template:Flag/PER Vicor Yarleque Template:Flag/PER Yoshiyuki Motoori