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In 2008 Hattrick changed the design of the web site. This work was a rather long process with frequent discussions on the Forum, an editorial and several My Hattrick announcements, of which a few follows.

Hattrick announces
A sneak-peek of the new design 2008-08-15
Just as welcome as a new design seemed to be in the community, just as curious you were on how it will look like. So, here is a sneak-peek of how the economy page and the staff page will look like in the new design. Hope you like it!

There will be more sneak-peeks of the new design later on.

Hattrick announces
Another sneak-peek of the new design 2008-09-23
Time for another preview of the new design! This time we will show you how the player page will look like. Apart from the new look, the most noticeable change is perhaps the new cool player faces - specially designed for Hattrick by Beach, the same artist who has made all other illustrations on Hattrick. Non-supporters will not be able to see the actual face, but they will see a silhouette.

You will also be able to choose how you want the player skills presented; either with bars and denominations (as in the supporter example below) or the current classical way. There is also more news on the player page, especially for Supporters. See for yourself:

Player page for supporters

Player page for non-supporters

Hattrick announces
The end is near... 2008-10-28
The old design only has some weeks left until retirement, and the new design is waiting around the corner. This week we will open tests for our Stage users (which is around 5000 Hattrick users). Our voluntary crew has already tested the new design for some weeks now, with very good reviews! We have also performed a live test at our office with some Hattrick users (and some of their non-playing friends).

Until you get the new design for real, here's how the series page will look like in the new design. As you can see, we've done a few things to make your series feel even more alive.

You will also be able to choose between different skins. The simple skin will be included in the release, and more will follow later.

Hattrick announces
Last week of the 90s 2008-12-03
The best thing that has ever happened to the internet since the dawn of time will happen on Tuesday: Hattrick will get its new modern look.

So we suggest you use the rest of this week to be nostalgic, and say goodbye to the frames and the 90s feel. On Tuesday at 08.00 HT-time we will welcome you to the look of 2008.

The new design was launced as planned on the 8th of December 2008, and an editorial was published to introduce it to the masses.