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* [http://www.hattrick.org/Common/PlayerDetails.asp?playerid=139401119 139401119] - David Norman - ?? - sacked
* [http://www.hattrick.org/Common/PlayerDetails.asp?playerid=139401119 139401119] - David Norman - ?? - sacked
* [http://www.hattrick.org/Common/PlayerDetails.asp?playerid=135046118 135046118] - David Widerner - 20

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Regainer is the first new rare specialty to appear in Hattrick, in addition to the 5 well-known specialties (Head, Technical, Powerful, Quick and Unpredictable). This new line of text appeared in the rules when the first regainers were pulled. It indicates that more 'rare' specialties are to be expected.

This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 14
Some rare specialties also exist. Their effects are more or less unknown and up to you to find out.

The effects of the regainer specialty is not yet known by the managers. There has been a lot of discussion, for example, in the Global(English) conference. (7022859.1 Part I, 7064263.1 Part II, 7272003.1 Part III) The LA's have stated that there are no new special events added for the match reports. They would know, as it does stand out that the specialty name "Regainer" has not been translated into other languages, but there are no report segments that would not have been.

Below is a play involving regainers that this contributor has not seen elsewhere!

"After xx minutes, a couple of quick and successful challenges followed by a shot from just outside the penalty area by xxxxx might have resulted in another goal for xxxxx"

These would suggest that regainers are good in tightly fought competitions up front, and can turn a scrappy situation into a goal-scoring opportunity.

List of all youth pulls with the regainer specialty

pulled 29-09-2006

pulled 30-09-2006

pulled 03-10-2006

pulled 06-10-2006

pulled 07-10-2006

pulled 08-10-2006

pulled 10-10-2006

pulled 14-10-2006

pulled 20-10-2006

pulled 21-10-2006

pulled 22-10-2006

pulled 28-10-2006

pulled 29-10-2006

pulled 19-11-2006

pulled 20-11-2006

pulled 25-11-2006

pulled 27-11-2006

pulled 5-12-2006

pulled 10-12-2006

pulled 16-12-2006

pulled 18-12-2006

pulled 24-12-2006

pulled 28-12-2006

pulled 30-12-2006

pulled 31-12-2006

pulled 08-01-2007

pulled 12-01-2007