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Besides belonging to a, all Hattrick clubs belong to a special region as well.

In Sweden, for example, all regions correspond to our provinces, plus a Stockholm and Gothenburg region. The point is for you to select a region to which you feel you belong. It's probably the one you actually live in, or then again, you may have some other reason for choosing it.

You don't have to consider if it's smarter to choose one region over another - all regions are, and will stay, equally good.

So what difference do the regions make, then? Their most important function has to do with the weather. All matches held in the same region will have the same weather. Each region has its own weather, which is updated every day. At the "Region" caption you can see what the weather is like today in your region, and a weather forecast for tomorrow. As we all know, the weather forecast isn't always entirely accurate, but they get it right quite often. The weather isn't selected completely at random every day. It's connected to what the weather was like the day before. If there was rain today, there's a greater probability of rain tomorrow as well, compared to other types of weather.

The chances are exactly the same for rain, sunshine or anything else regardless of which region you choose. No regions have better weather than others. No region is better than any other region.

The regions are also meant to be "fun", so a person belonging to one area can check out how many people from the same area are participating, how many are logged in, etc. Possibly, being the best club in your region might become a challenge, or trying to get as many players from your own region into the national team. There are also regional conferences to discuss all topics concerning the regions.

If a team wants to change region (the coach might be moving?) then you have to pay US$ 10,000 and 3% of your supporters will leave your team.

Longitudes and latitudes may be subject to rounding errors. They are also chosen arbitrarily from within the region. Should you notice a region in the wrong place, please contact the GameMasters.