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''This page is used together with the [[Bugs]], [[Approved ideas]] and the [[Ideas]] pages. When editing, please make sure that the contents of these pages match each other.''
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== Summary ==
Following is the list of most popular ideas that have been suggested by Hattrick managers to the HT-team, but for various reasons have been deemed impossible or unlikely to be implemented.
One important purpose of this page is to keep managers from starting 'let's implement this' type of threads in the Global conference every time a new manager has the same bright idea that someone else submitted a week ago. This would also save HT-team the trouble of explaining one thing over and over again.
== [[Champions League]] ==
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== More than 8 teams per series ==
== Set your own ticket prices ==
== Change The Youth System ==
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Please feel free to add to the list whatever you find appropriate.

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