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The [[Right attack]] rating is calculated by a combination of (in order of imporatance):
#redirect [[Attack#Right_Attack]]
[[Category: Match concepts]]
*Winger right winger
[[Category: Ratings]]
*Winger right wing back
*Scoring forwards
*Passing right winger
*Passing right inner midfielder
*Winger forwards
*Passing forwards
However, [[inner midfielder toward wing]] can add to the side rating, too.
{{Based on research}}
The [[Central attack]] rating is believed to be more important than the [[Left attack]] or [[Right attack]] ; however opinion varies on the % of attacks that come from each of the three ratings. [http://www.hattristics.org Research] shows that (in the absence of special tactics) the number of attacks directed to the center is significantly higher than the number of attacks directed to either wing.

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