Rino Di Liberto

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Rino Di Liberto
Di Liberto.JPG
Personal Information
Full Name Rino Di Liberto
Country  Italia
Player ID (14677413)
Position forward
Number 10
Actual Club Template:Flag/ITA Balla coi Gufi
Sénior Club
Season 20 - ?? Balla coi Gufi
Template:Flag/ITA Italia

Rino Di Liberto is a italian player of Balla coi Gufi. He is born in this team and today is the storic capitain of this club and for many time also the coach. It is also the top scorer of ever Balla coi Gufi's story but also the top italian scorer of ever. He also collect a presence in major Italia national team.

  • Career goals: 414
  • Hattricks: 47
  • Matches for the national U-20 team: 0
  • Matches for the national team: 1
  • Matches in Hattrick Masters: 0



Division IV.PNG Division III.PNG Division II.PNG
Season 20 Season 23 Season 29
Balla coi Gufi Balla coi Gufi Balla coi Gufi

Memorable moments