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RosmalennelamsoR (365316)
HT-User: HSF-toshiba
Country: Nederland
Region: Noord-Brabant
Arena: Radio 8 FM. Brabants Beste Muziekmix.
Fan club: De Zandhazen


HSF-Toshiba is the user id which belongs to Geert Smulders from Rosmalen, The Netherlands. Since he is a little child, he calls himself Mr. Toshiba Leigh, that's why Toshiba turns back into his loginname into Hattrick. His loginname is HSF-Toshiba, in his press reports he takes the role as General Director: Mr. Toshiba Leigh. Geert Smulders is born on the 2nd of March 1977 in 's-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands), but grew up in Rosmalen, where he has lived his whole life untill now.

Back in the days Geert Smulders was called Geertos. One of his big brothers began calling him Tosh instead of Geertos. Geert believed that Toshiba sounds more beautiful then Tosh, so he called himself Toshiba. To let him be more important, he put Mr. in front of his name. A name without a last name is incomplete, so he choose the last name of the actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. That's why he calls himself Mr. Toshiba Leigh.

One of his favorite waste of time is photography. He is a member of a photoclub in Rosmalen. Fotoclub 't Spectrum in Rosmalen. He has also a lot of photos on a internetgallery called Zoomgallery. He often uses one of these pictures as a clublogo. Current logo is piece of ice on 'fresh' ice in winter 2005-2006.


Geert Smulders wanted that the name of the club has something to do with Rosmalen. Only Rosmalen is pretty boring. So he put nelamsoR on the name. nelamsoR is Rosmalen backwards. Together it is RosmalennelamsoR. The name is very original.


Rosmalen has started on 3rd of December 2003. It was in the VIII.727, which just started. When Rosmalen came in the division, when 3 matches were already playd. At the end Rosmalen was the champion, although Yakubu United has had more points in 11 matches. Rosmalen had received the medal, and they are never taking it away. Toshiba is very proud, that he has the medal for the 8th division. Rosmalen is the first ever champion of VIII.727.

Division VIII.PNG


Rosmalen was promoted to VII.947. At this level Rosmalen finished 2nd. Rosmalen lost the first match of the season against FC De Ganzen. These three points were enough for FC De Ganzen to become the champion. Thanks to the second place, Rosmalen promoted to level VI.


Division VI.PNG

At this stage, Rosmalen became the champion one time. In the first season at VI.41 became Rosmalen the champion. The qualificationmatch was lost against Bij Voorbaat Kansloos. It happened in season 12. In season 13 lost Rosmalen their last match against Inter Italia, so ONES became the champion and promoted directly.

From now on, Rosmalen is training 10 defenderes instead of 8. This resulted in worse results. Rosmalen wasn't able to fight for the championship. In season 14 Rosmalen finished 3rd after champion VC Meppel and runner-up Bant United. In season 15 Rosmalen was the runner-up after champion Wannabees In season 16 again a 3rd place. Now after champion Geerenstein and runner-up Swiftboys.

Season 16 was a silly season for Rosmalen. Many draws resulted in a third place in the final standing. Rosmalen was a title candidate, when there were not so many draws. Although, HSF-Toshiba was very pleased with the finally third place.

Bij Voorbaat Kansloos, Inter Italia and VC Meppel don't exist anymore.

VI.41 season 17, current season.

The current season is not a piece of cake, but Geert Smulders is satisfied about the results. He had reached the 4th round of the KNVB Beker, his personal record. The defence is strong enough, now it is time to build up his midfield and attack. Next season he hopes to earn a lot of money by selling one or two defenders, so he hopes to strengthen his midfield and attack with the nescessary players. The current opponents are :

  1. Swiftboys
  2. Geerenstein
  3. s.v. ROAC '79
  4. De Blijvertjes
  5. v.v. rattendafjil
  6. Adverndo 1
  7. CeeFax

His main goal is to finish at the top 4.


Stadium: Radio 8 FM. Brabants Beste Muziekmix.
  • Name : Radio 8 FM. Brabants Beste Muziekmix.
  • Total Capacity : 55016
  • Terraces : 34388
  • Basic Seats : 13754
  • Undersoiled Seats : 5500
  • VIP Lounges : 1374
  • Last improvement : 06-11-2004

Fan club

De Zandhazen

De Zandhazen is the name of the fanclub of RosmalennelamsoR.

De Zandhazen is the name of the inhabitants of Rosmalen during Carnaval. Carnaval is a catholic holiday.

Future and training.

Rosmalen hopes to make a big cashflow next season. They hope, that they can strengthen their midfield and attack. The main goal is to make the step to level V, finally. Rosmalen is a defendertraining, since the beginning. In the start they traind 8 defenders, but since season 14 they train 10 defenders.


Here will come a list of the players of RosmalennelamsoR. Or there will be a link to a new page. Be patient.


RosmalennelamsoR has played in following countries :

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Hattrick Support Federatie

HSF-Toshiba is the founder of Hattrick Support Federatie. Fed. ID : 7295


The HSF is a alliance which gives beginning managers the chance to become better by asking and reading. Experienced managers get the opportunity to share their knowledge and also get better. This happens in a very nice ambiance, where everyone can feel him- or herself comfortable.

The top of the HSF is formed by:


Rosmalen Supports :

Rosmalen is a supporter of this team, becaus of the name of the club. George Baker is a Dutch singer. Famous songs : Little Green Bag, una paloma blanca.

Henkalex is also a member of the HSF. Both managers have a pleasent contact with eachother. Mostly by MSN.

The manager of Pallas and Toshiba has a frequent contact by MSN.

Dominium Draconis trains 10 defenders. Playing Hattrick by the hard way in a lower division.

The manager of vv-st.anne and Toshiba has a frequent contact by MSN.