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| Region: || [[Groningen]]
| Region: || [[Groningen]]
| Prize shelf: || [[Image:kampioen5.gif]] [[Image:kampioen4.gif]] [[Image:kampioen3.gif]] [[Image:kampioen3.gif]] [[Image:kampioen2.gif]] [[Image:Cupwinner.gif]] [[Image:kampioen1.gif]]  
| Prize shelf: || [[Image:P1 orange-new.gif.gif]] [[Image:P1 red-new.gif.gif]] [[Image:P1 green-new.gif.gif]] [[Image:P1 green-new.gif.gif]] [[Image:P1 blue-new.gif]] [[Image:Trofe-01-new.gif]] [[Image:P1 purple-new.gif]] [[Image:Trofe-02-new.gif]]  
| Arena: || Sticky Fingers Stadium (99.999)
| Arena: || Sticky Fingers Stadium (99.999)

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Ruckers Utd. (68362)
HT-User: JCLiquido
Country: Nederland
Region: Groningen
Prize shelf: File:P1 orange-new.gif.gif File:P1 red-new.gif.gif File:P1 green-new.gif.gif File:P1 green-new.gif.gif P1 blue-new.gif Trofe-01-new.gif P1 purple-new.gif Trofe-02-new.gif
Arena: Sticky Fingers Stadium (99.999)
Fan club: De Trieste Ruckers & Piet Wannabees
Club Site: http://www.ht-arena.com/Ruckers_Utd./

Ruckers Utd.

The club was founded 08-09-2002 in Nederland and got off to a great start in V.29, promoting straight onto III.11 through IV.29 in consecutive seasons.
Time to settle down, and though the club celebrated its first III.11 championship in its 4th season it wasn't time to promote yet. It was time for some true sadomasochism by switching training to the infamous defending training and its hideously ugly 5xx formations.
Another four seasons of relative tranquility, some fairly decent Cup-fighting in the KNVB Beker, and only then it was time to move on. Ruckers Utd. successfully battled for its second III.11-title having drastically changed the training regimen and earned direct promotion to series II.1. After a good start with a 2nd place and a KNVB Beker semi final, the Ruckers managed to push it a little bit further the next season when they gained straight promotion to Eredivisie and became KNVB Beker Champions.

In the end they're just a bunch of wanckers though.

Club History

season 19: Eredivisie Champions!, season in progress
season 18: 1st in II.1, KNVB Beker Champions!
season 17: 2nd in II.1, 14th round (semi final) in KNVB Beker
season 16: 1st in III.11, 11th round in KNVB Beker
season 15: 3rd in III.11, 9th round in KNVB Beker
season 14: 2nd in III.11, 11th round in KNVB Beker
season 13: 5th in III.11, 11th round in KNVB Beker
season 12: 4th in III.11, 9th round in KNVB Beker
season 11: 1st in III.11, 7th round in KNVB Beker
season 10: 3rd in III.11, 9th round in KNVB Beker
season 9: 2nd in III.11, 4th round in KNVB Beker
season 8: 2nd in III.11, 6th round in KNVB Beker
season 7: 1st in IV.29, 4th round in KNVB Beker
season 6: 1st in V.29, no matches played in KNVB Beker

Official Club Site

Very complete club site with players, matches, records, histories, etc. Frequent and regular updates.