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(Stadium De Raaks)
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==Ryan Breteler Stadium==
==Ryan Breteler Stadium==
[[Image:De Raaks.png|frame|Stadium De Raaks]]
[[Image:De Raaks.png|frame|Ryan Breteler Stadion]]
'''Name: Ryan Breteler Stadion'''<br>
'''Name: Ryan Breteler Stadion'''<br>
'''Total capacity:''' 71.000<br>
'''Total capacity:''' 71.000<br>

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SV Geel-Wit (145094)
SV Geel-Wit
Managed by Toean
Club information
LocationAmsterdam Nederland
ArenaDe Raaks
Fan ClubYellow White Dynamite



  • Champion in VI.262 (season 11)
  • Champion in VI.987 (season 13)
  • Champion in V.113 (season 16)
  • Champion in V.22 (season 18)
  • Champion in IV.4 (season 19)

Friendly Cups

Haarlem Cup

Edition Result Win Draw Loss
1st Edition Champion 6 0 1
2nd Edition 3rd Place 2 0 1
3rd Edition 2nd Place 4 0 2
4th Edition Champion 9 0 0
6th Edition Second Round 2 0 1
7th Edition Champion 7 0 3
8th Edition 2nd Place 3 0 2
9th Edition Quarter Finals 3 1 2

Famous (past) players

  • Template:Flag/NED Ryan Breteler Most famous Geel-Wit player, first player with 4 stars and first player that left the club for more then 500.000 euro.
  • Template:Flag/POL Jan Nasilowski Legend on the midfield of Geel-Wit.
  • Template:Flag/SUI Philipp Hatter Started at the age of 17 in the squad and became one of the best players ever for Geel-Wit.
  • Template:Flag/ENG Bowman Marshall Great midfielder playing for over 3 years in the squad, current coach.

Ryan Breteler Stadium

Ryan Breteler Stadion

Name: Ryan Breteler Stadion
Total capacity: 71.000
Terraces: 44.500
Basic seating: 17.750
Seats under roof: 6.900
Seats in VIP boxes: 1.850


Toernooidirecteur in Haarlemse Hattrick Federatie
Student in Domstad Federatie

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