Sa Manna Sardinnia

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Sa Manna Sardinnia
Club information
Full name Sa Manna Sardinnia
Nickname Sardinnia
Supporters' club name Sos Battor Moros Fattones (1.615 members)
Country  Italia
Founded 2006
Ground S'Arena de sos Pipadores de Maria Zuanna, Roma
(Capacity 30,000)
Chairman Italy ZZeman
Head coach Switzerland Laurence Gröbly
League VII.951
Previous season VII.951, 3rd

Sa Manna Sardinnia (1038209) is a Hattrick football club from Roma, founded on November 11, 2006. The team's name in Sardinian language means "The Great Sardinia"

The team is based in Roma, but their name is linked to the Sardinian origins of the chairman, who is really proud of them.

The home shirt is based on the Sardinian flag, while the shorts on the Jamaican flag. The away kit is purple red and gold yellow, like the colours of the chairman's favourite team: AS Roma.

The home stadium "S'Arena de sos Pipadores de Maria Zuanna" (Sardinian for "Marijuana Smokers Arena") has a capacity of 30.000 seats. Its name is linked to the official Crest, which shows the "Four Moors" of the Sardinian flag (but smoked) with a leaf of Marijuana in the center. The Supporters' club name "Sos Battor Moros Fattones" (Sardinian for "The Smoked Four Moors") recalls the Crest.

Club history

Seasons League Top Scorers
40 1st VI.615 (promoted after playoff) Lithuania Ernestas Šlemperis (9 goals)
39 1st VII.951 Lithuania Ernestas Šlemperis (16 goals)
38 3rd VII.951 Poland Krzysztof Pajączek (12 goals)
37 1st in VIII.296 (promoted) Italy Felice Colucci (15 goals)
36 3rd in VIII.296 Italy Felice Colucci (10 goals)
35 4th in VIII.296 Italy Felice Colucci (12 goals)
34 6th in VIII.296 Italy Felice Colucci & Israel Hung Lynch (7 goals)
33 1st in IX.321 (promoted) Italy Felice Colucci (8 goals)
32 6th in IX.321 Italy Gianfranco Zullo (8 goals)
31 1st in X.3567 (promoted) Italy Felice Colucci (12 goals)
30 (half season) 7th in IX.140 (relegated)

Managerial history

Current squad

1 France GK Nicolas Desmonts (vice-captain)
2 Netherlands DF Ignaz Drogt
3 Sweden DF Sven Olofsson
4 Sweden MF Ingemar Strandwald
5 Denmark DF Peer Kilsgaard
6 Switzerland DF Laurence Gröbly (captain)
7 Chile MF Daniel Tapia
8 Poland MF Krzysztof Pajączek
9 Lithuania FW Ernestas Šlemperis
10 Netherlands FW Fabian van Bremerhaven
11 Poland MF Piotr Szala
12 Germany MF Guido Sörensen
13 Romania DF Andrei Turcu
14 Latvia DF Ralfs Drēbnieks
15 Estonia DF Taivo Laos
16 Italy MF Marco Masier
17 Israel DF Yury Kuzminykh
18 Hungary FW Bertalan Hatvani
19 Italy FW Yuri D'Antoni
20 Austria MF Andreas van der Walde
21 Poland MF Kazimierz Strojek
22 Italy MF Luca Vassura
23 Italy MF Dante Lelli
24 Italy GK Pasquale Pontani
44 Bulgaria GK Encho Mirchev
55 Italy FW Rossano Marsilio
56 Italy MF Dario Camezzana
57 Italy MF Floriano Ballotta
58 Italy FW Carlo Menegon

Hall of Fame

  1. Italy FW Felice Colucci (seasons 30-38): an original player of the team, became captain after the sold of Gianfranco Zullo. He was trained in scorer until he was (9) and reached (7) in passing and cross.
    He is the player with the highest number of games played with the team and the top goalscorer with an amount of 70 goal and 6 hattrick with SM Sardinnia.
  2. Netherlands FW Fabian van Bremerhaven (seasons 32-41): a fantastic unpredictable multi-skill forward with (8) in playmaking, (7) in passing and cross and (9) in scoring. But the best was his significant name. 39 goals with SM Sardinnia
  3. Israel GK Hung Lynch (seasons 32-36): a (6) goalkeeper, but with (18) in Free Kick in a period when the keepers could still kick: 19 goals with SM Sardinnia, 1 hattrick and some fundamental results won thanks to his magic foot!
    Sold out because his form was (2) and changed with Nicolas Desmonts.
  4. Hungary W Károly Korpics (seasons 35-39): a bald multiskill winger, (9) in playmaking and (8) in passing and cross. Remembered for his dark skin due to his summer house on the river of the Balaton lake in Hungary. In the summer he used to guest all the team there and making huge parties full of uninhibited hungarian girls. Sold because someone offered 2,6M for him. 7 goals and many matches for SM Sardinnia.
  5. Indonesia FW Agustiar Armand (seasons 30-34): one of the first purchase, a young striker bought for 1K and sold for 1M! :)
  6. Italy FW Gianfranco Zullo (seasons 30-33): the first captain of SM Sardinnia, a good lateral forwad or also winger. Sold for only 90K with lot of tears!
  7. Brazil MF Luigi Masetti (seasons 35-38): a good winger, sold to buy Daniel Tapia
  8. Germany MF Ottmar Schilick (seasons 30-35): my first winger.
  9. Sweden FW Viktor Jacobsson (seasons 32-34): remembered only to be the best earn in SM Sardinnia's history: bought for 15K, sold for 1,1M! :)
  10. Italy DF Luca Panero (seasons 30-35): my first defender.