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Greetings from the Front Office

Saint Mungo RFC
The Robins
Established May 2013

Saint Mungo RFC (242889) is a working class football cooperative located in Glasgow, Scotland and is the sister club of Wetherby Park BCFC in Tacoma, Washington USA.

The Robins strive to be a competitive and successful football team on the pitch, and because Saint Mungo RFC is owned by and operated for the benefit of our supporters, our work continues off the pitch.

The Saint Mungo Football Cooperative humbly serves beautiful game and works for social-economic justice.


In November of 2012, tobinov and his wife visited Glasgow. Tobinov immediately fell in love with the place and the people - thus began a desire to make his way back. When HT offered a second team option in early 2013, there was no question in his mind that Glasgow is where the team would be.

Ok. But why Saint Mungo?

The story of the robin, the fish, and the tree captivated him - and as the patron saint of Glasgow, tobinov quickly found kinship with the legend. Plus, a local brew house, West, had named a stellar pale ale after Saint Mungo. The choice was a no-brainer.

However, dark days fell over the club. When HT announced the outrageous price increase of Supporter in November of 2013, tobinov pledged to never spend another dime on HT as a matter of principle.

And so it goes.

Current Roster

Robins home kit
Robins away kit
No. Pos. Nat. Player Name No. Pos. Nat. Player Name No. Pos. Nat. Reserve Team
01 GK Argentina Matías Nicolás Fernández 12 W Scotland Daniel Tinnon - - -
- 13 W England Steve Mieland - - -
02 DF Denmark Nis Elgaard - - -
03 DF Slovakia Ctibor Paliarik 14 MF Scotland Ryley Rufus (C)
04 DF Portugal Fernando Simão Saraiva 15 MF Norway Aslak Sørbø
05 DF Israel Liran Krumer 16 MF Scotland Frank Challenger
06 DF Portugal Natalino Lopes 17 MF Belgium Emilien Abbeloos
07 DF Italy Abramo Moscardino 18 MF Scotland Ross Stonework
08 DF Germany Nikolay Kochkarev 19 R Germany Tobias Eckhart
09 FW Scotland Bailey Allinshaw 21 GK Colombia Valentino Bongiorno
10 FW Spain Ebenezer Gracera 22 GK Brazil Osías Bastos
11 FW South Korea Choong-Kook Lee


On November 20, 2014, Saint Mungo RFC will end it's campaign.