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!width=200| Hattrick Masters
!width=200| Hattrick Masters
|- align=center
|- align=center
| 35 || ? in [[II.3 (Italia)|II.3]] || ? || -
| 36 || ? in [[II.3 (Italia)|II.3]] || ? || -
|- align=center
| 35 || 4th in [[II.3 (Italia)|II.3]] || Semifinal || -
|- align=center
|- align=center
| 34 || [[Image:P1 green-new.gif]] '''1st''' in [[III.10 (Italia)|III.10]] || Semifinal || 2nd round (one game won)
| 34 || [[Image:P1 green-new.gif]] '''1st''' in [[III.10 (Italia)|III.10]] || Semifinal || 2nd round (one game won)

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Saints Regia (235798)
HT-User: regia5
Country: Template:Flag/ITAn
Region: Lombardia
Prize shelf: P1 brown-new.gif P1 orange-new.gif P1 red-new.gif Trofe-01-new.gif Trofe-01-new.gif P1 green-new.gif
Arena: Dellbury (74703)
Series: II.3
Fan club: Titì Boys (more than 3100)

Saints Regia is club at Hattrick. The club was founded on 19th of January 2004. Club is currently playing in II.3 division in Italia, II.3. The biggest club moment is surely the victory in Coppa Italia in season 32 on 3rd July 2007 against the Italian Champions Taj Mahal. In that game the performance scored by the Saints was one of the greatest in the Hattrick history (11th best at that time). The season after (33) the Saints rewon Coppa Italia on 23rd october 2007 against Poker Ancora, a V league team that already won against a lot of Serie A teams with his great divines players. The great cup run was interrupted on 5th February 2008 when the Saints lost on penalties in the cup semifinal against Squarta Praga, a team with (if possible) more divine players (and who won the cup) in a match who's probably one of the greatest in italian hattrick history (match id 158259451) with an hatstats total of 910. The Saints are the club with the most achievement points in Italia and they're also in the World Top10.


Club manager is regia5. He founded the Stamina Trainer International Federation and trained stamina for more than 3 seasons eluding the market crisis and continue earning money. He continue to demonstrate his market skills winning the 2nd Coppa Italia for the club without spending money, the club started the season with about 20m euros and finished with the same amount. On November 2007 he became coach of Kampuchea NT and in March 2008 he also became coach of Kampuchea U20 with the 100% of the votes. His dream is earn one point with Kampuchea, he said clearly that it would be a better joy than win the cup!

Club History

Global Season League Coppa Italia Hattrick Masters
36 ? in II.3 ? -
35 4th in II.3 Semifinal -
34 P1 green-new.gif 1st in III.10 Semifinal 2nd round (one game won)
33 3rd in III.10 Trofe-01-new.gif WIN 2nd round (one game won)
32 3rd in III.10 Trofe-01-new.gif WIN -
31 3rd in III.10 9th round -
30 P1 red-new.gif 1st in IV.23 6th round -
29 6rd in IV.23 5th round -
28 5rd in IV.23 7th round -
27 4rd in IV.23 7th round -
26 2nd in IV.23 2nd round -
25 P1 orange-new.gif 1st in V.95 3rd round -
24 P1 brown-new.gif 1st in VI.374 4th round -
23 2nd in VI.374 1th round -
22 5th in VI.374 - -


  • P1 brown-new.gif Series Champions VI.374 Italy Season 24
  • P1 orange-new.gif Series Champions V.95 Italy Season 25
  • P1 red-new.gif Series Champions IV.23 Italy Season 30
  • Trofe-01-new.gif Coppa Italia Winner Coppa Italia Italy Season 32
  • Trofe-01-new.gif Coppa Italia Winner Coppa Italia Italy Season 33
  • P1 green-new.gif Series Champions III.10 Italy Season 34

Club Records

Record Rating Match
Midfield mythical (low) 127609816
Lateral Defence divine (very high) 142985233 160696920
Central Defence divine (very high) 158259451 160696926 160696920
Lateral Attack divine (very low) 158259451
Central Attack mythical (very high) 127088609
Hatstats 569 127609816
Stars 115 127609816


Club has some extra activities. Saints Regia is participating in Flag chasing. Also club is collecting Achievements and is currently listed (with 570 points) in the global Top 10 of clubs with the most Achievements points in Hattrick. It's the only club in Italy with over 400 achievements points.

Flag chasing

Hosted countries (64):

Template:Flag/JORn Template:Flag/BLRn Template:Flag/BOLn Template:Flag/BIHn Template:Flag/BULn
Template:Flag/CANn Template:Flag/CZEn Template:Flag/CHIn Template:Flag/CHNn Template:Flag/CRCn
Template:Flag/WALn Template:Flag/CYPn Template:Flag/ECUn Template:Flag/ESTn Template:Flag/ENGn
Template:Flag/FROn Template:Flag/GUAn Template:Flag/GREn Template:Flag/HONn Template:Flag/HKGn
Template:Flag/CROn Template:Flag/INDn Template:Flag/IDNn Template:Flag/IRNn Template:Flag/IRLn
Template:Flag/ISLn Template:Flag/KGZn Template:Flag/LVAn Template:Flag/LUXn Template:Flag/LIEn
Template:Flag/LTUn Template:Flag/HUNn Template:Flag/MKDn Template:Flag/MASn Template:Flag/MLTn
Template:Flag/MEXn Template:Flag/EGYn Template:Flag/MDAn Template:Flag/NEDn Template:Flag/JPNn
Template:Flag/NIRn Template:Flag/OCEn Template:Flag/AUTn Template:Flag/PANn Template:Flag/PARn
Template:Flag/PERn Template:Flag/PHIn Template:Flag/PORn Template:Flag/THAn Template:Flag/RUSn
Template:Flag/SUIn Template:Flag/SCOn Template:Flag/ALBn Template:Flag/SINn Template:Flag/SVNn
Template:Flag/SVKn Template:Flag/RSAn Template:Flag/SERn Template:Flag/FINn Template:Flag/SWEn
Template:Flag/UKRn Template:Flag/URUn Template:Flag/VENn Template:Flag/VIEn

Visited countries (12):

Template:Flag/ANDn Template:Flag/BLRn Template:Flag/BELn Template:Flag/CPVn Template:Flag/CHNn
Template:Flag/KGZn Template:Flag/NEDn Template:Flag/AUTn Template:Flag/POLn Template:Flag/PORn
Template:Flag/RUSn Template:Flag/TURn


Achievements have been introduced on 27.11.2006 in Hattrick. Here are some rare Achievements that Saints Regia has:

  • 19.06.2007. Team reached more than 100 stars in a match
  • 26.06.2007. Advanced from round 14 in the Cup
  • 03.07.2007. Team reached an average match rating of extraterrestrial
  • 14.11.2007. Elected coach of national team
  • 04.03.2008. Elected coach of U20 team
  • 16-05-2008. Founded federation, received more than 100 members

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