San Filippo Neri

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San Filippo Neri
Social data
Owner: Castelfranco
Arena ID: 1726836
Country: Italy Italia
Continent: Europe
Region: Toscana
Construction Season: Season 35
Construction Costs: 2.955.660 €
Arena data
Total capacity: 56 811
Terraces: 35 128
Basic seating: 13 972
Seats under roof: 6 720
Seats in VIP boxes: 991

Originally the playing field of Castelfranco was Pretolli Arena field and the onset of the first matches of the club.

From the rubble of the old camp was built San Filippo Neri the stadium of club from the season 35. Initially, the stadium had a circular structure in reinforced concrete that was expanded to 56,811 seats, with partial coverage. After the restructuring, in season 50 was rebuilt brick by brick. The platform was raised by dividing it into two rings, while keeping the original cover. It was also raised the curve in front and covered the two lateral curves. The curves of the stadium are the "Marione curve" and "Montrago curve".

Arecchia and Zurita, the captains of memorable match.

In the season 50 for the pre-inauguration of the new stadium size was played a match with Larbatata, where where he took the field Pedro "Apache" Zurita, the best scorer of all'time. The match finished 4-3 for Castelfranco after the golden goal, and pedro played all 93 minuts.


  • Castelfranco begins to play in the stadium Pretolli Arena.
  • Comunale "Andrea Bonaventura" was built at the end of season 35 with 10.000 seats.
  • The colours are exclusively blue and yellow.
  • After four extensions the new capacity is 56.811 seats.

Photo History

Season 35 - 39
10.000 seats
Season 39 - 42
20.000 seats
Season 42 - 43
28.000 seats
Season 44 - 50
40.000 seats
Season 50 - ??
56.811 seats
CAB10000.png CAB20000.png CAB28000.png CAB40000 0.png CAB56811 1.png
Terraces: 5 900
Basic seating: 3 000
Seats under roof:1 000
Seats in VIP boxes: 100
Terraces: 11 500
Basic seating: 6 000
Seats under roof:2 000
Seats in VIP boxes: 500
Terraces: 15 000
Basic seating: 8 000
Seats under roof:4 000
Seats in VIP boxes: 1 000
Terraces: 25 000
Basic seating: 10 000
Seats under roof:4 000
Seats in VIP boxes: 1 000
Terraces: 35 128
Basic seating: 13 972
Seats under roof:6 720
Seats in VIP boxes: 991

Storic Matchs

National's Matchs

Data Casa Risultato Trasferta Competizione
08/11/2019  Italia 1-1  Bosna i Hercegovina Friendly