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1. FC Leipzig (Saxxons) (1000378)
HT-User: Cameron
Country:  Deutschland
Region: Leipzig
Prize shelf: Division XII.PNG Division IX.PNG Division VIII.PNG Division VII.PNG Goldenboot X.gif Goldenboot VIII.gif Goldenboot VII.gif
Arena: Rose Bowl Pasadena (30000)
Series: VI.271
Fan club: happy Saxxons (1600)

Saxxons was founded back in 2006, january 25. The team started in League level 12 (XII.531) in Deutschland. In the very first season the team had the best league scorer and became champion. Saxxons promoted to League level 9 (IX.307). The team became a champion again and promoted directly to League level 8 (VIII.264). And again Saxxons had the best league scorer in our team and became champion. After only three seasons the team had three group wins and promoted three times. Now the team ended up in League level 7 (VII.593) and was fighting staying inside this league. It took them 4 seasons to win this league too. We also won the best league's scorer title for the third time, Christian Bosse made it! Now league (VI.271) is waiting for us ;)

Club History[edit]

Season League German Cup Points Goals Trophies
36 5th in VI.271* |4th round 21* 37:41 (-04)*
35 6th in VI.271* |4th round 16* 41:51 (-10)*
34 1st in VII.593 2nd round 35 63:14 (+49) Division VII.PNG Goldenboot VII.gif
33 5th in VII.593 2nd round 24 45:38 (+7)
32 6th in VII.593 1st round 19 36:41 (-5)
31 5th in VII.593 1st round 17 32:43 (-11)
30 1st in VIII.264 none 37 54:12 (+42) Division VIII.PNG Goldenboot VIII.gif
29 1st in IX.307 none 39 75:09 (+66) Division IX.PNG
28 1st in XII.531 none 35 39:09 (+30) Division XII.PNG Goldenboot X.gif

'* currently


  • Goldenboot VII.gif Top Scorer VII.593 Germany Season 34
  • Division VII.PNG Series Champion VII.593 Germany Season 34
  • Goldenboot VIII.gif Top Scorer VIII.264 Germany Season 30
  • Division VIII.PNG Series Champion VIII.264 Germany Season 30
  • Division IX.PNG Series Champion IX.307 Germany Season 29
  • Goldenboot X.gif Top Scorer XII.531 Germany Season 28
  • Division XII.PNG Series Champion XII.531 Germany Season 28

Current Players [22][edit]

No. Position Player
1 Norge GK HTStar5.png Jarle Hansen
3 Deutschland DF HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Yannik Schneekloth
3 Deutschland DF HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Pekka Kilikaslan
4 France DF HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Gerard Reneaudau
5 Deutschland MF HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Claus Baschtarz
6 Schweiz MF HTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Corrado Scalia
7 España MF HTStar5.pngHTStar.png Maurin Preciado
8 Deutschland WI HTStar5.pngHTStar.png Noah Prömmer
9 Israel WI HTStar5.png Amos Hurwitz
10 Deutschland FW HTStar5.pngHTStarHalf.png Talib Nezaket
11 Deutschland FW HTStar5.pngHTStarHalf.png Martin Holzappel
No. Position Player
21 Deutschland 2nd GK HTStar.pngHTStar.png Mario Duda
25 Deutschland MF HTStar.png Marc Preiss
31 Deutschland FW HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png Erkin Yar
99 Argentina DF HTStar.pngHTStar.pngHTStar.png Pablo Suarez Ordoñez
-- España TR HTStar.png Adrián Gómez


Since 2006 we are on our big world tour to visit all countries which are listed inside Hattrick World. This is kind of a challange we want to go through. We really love our opponents we played and we really appreciate our next friendlys. There are so many nice persons around giving you friendlys, we like to say thank you for that! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to travel around the world, collecting all flags available out there.

We visited 55 countries at all and we are lucky for each upcoming ;-) !

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