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Sealand (5110)
Flag of Sealand Coat of Arms of Sealand
Location of Sealand
Link to Google map
Link to Wikipedia
Zone: Western Europe
Continent: Europe
Number of teams (approx): 165 (165+ active)
Number of regions: 7
National cup name: Sealand Cup
Languages: Dutch
Chief Officer: Buul_
U-17 Coach: Mavuba
Currency Euro
Time zone Hattrick Time

Sealand is an unofficial country in Hattrick and also a federation from The Netherlands and Belgium with about 150 members. This federation is known for the spammatches they have each first sunday of the month, the Tour de Spam and their 'verkiezingsgrap', a prank they make at the Dutch elections.


On September 28th, 2003 Mavuba decided to start a federation. Mainly because he didn't like to have a conference that was policed by strict Mods, GMs and HTs. That's why he and Buul came up with the plan to pull out to a drilling platform between The Netherlands and England, where only we could be in control of. The federation on the island Sealand soon became a great success, and soon many ships with members arrived!

After a short period of time the federation got the name of being a bad federation, full of annoying, spamming youngsters. For example, within a short amount of time the island found itself in war with some Mods and GMs, but also in a spam war with OLDER (a federation for people who are thirty years or older.). After a long period of negotiations the battle ended and the peace with the Mods and GM's was restored.

Sealand is nowadays known as a nice cosy federation, where the best spammers of HT-Nederland and België have a great time doing their thing. Since any years Sealand organise the biggest Spam-tournement in Hattrick, called: Tour de Spam. The Sealanders are now peacefully living with the pinguins on a beautifull island with a lot of marijuana. Sealand also is an island where 'Infamous Hattrickers' can hide.


Spam is posting a lot of messages in a topic in a short time. When the topic reached the 1000 it will be closed. The one who had the mosts posts wins. Sealand is known for its proffesional spammers. They are very trained, and are spamming a lot of topics. For these spammers Sealand has some special activity's.

Tour de Spam.

Tour de Spam: The Tour de Spam is the most famous and prestigious spam tournament in the Hattrick-World. It has been held annually since 2005 and is contested over the course of 2 weeks each July. It is a competition for professional spammers, travelling through the topics of Sealand. The winner is the individual rider who finishes the Tour de Spam with the most posts in the topics. There are a lot of competitions, and it's possible to win different jerseys. It depends your speciality. Click on 2005, 2006, 2007 or 2008 to see the old editions of the Tour de Spam.

Spammatches: Every month Sealand organises a spammatch. The one who managesto post the most messages in the spammatch-topic may call himself the Spamking. The Spamking is very respected in Sealand, and has extra functions. Every month there can be another Spamking. After a while other federations discovered this and did the same thing. But they weren't so fast as the Sealanders.

Hopweilanden: The "Hopweilanden" is a field in Sealand where spammers can let theirselves go. They can post what they want, and bump the topic when they want. It's what they say: A paradise for spammers.

Sealander of the Season: The Sealander of the Season/Sealander van het Seizoen election can be found here: SvhS. The first election was held in season 18


Topmembers Sealand
Name: Function
Mavuba Founder
Buul Founder
-Marrc- Oliemagnaat
Sammiedecavia Oliemagnaat
Derkski Oliemagnaat
Lightsun Oliemagnaat
Tarakoni Ex-Oliemagnaat
Shome Ex-Oliemagnaat
CHF-Eddie Verjaardagman

Sealand Cup

The Sealand Cup

The Sealand Cup is a Friendly Cup organised by Sealand for their owns members. Every season a lot of clubs are playing to win that famous and prestigious cup.

Previous winners:

Sealand Cup
Edition: Winner:
Sealand Cup I Dashit Kabomb
Sealand Cup II Tijny Devils
Sealand Cup III Tijny Devils
Sealand Cup IV Cape Holland
Sealand Cup V Naarden
Sealand Cup VI Dashit Kabomb
Sealand Cup VII Kings Squad
Sealand Cup VIII Kings Squad
Sealand Cup IX EFC Gelderland
Sealand Cup X KVC Aquila
Sealand Cup XI The Jazz Messengers
Sealand Cup XII AFC Hellas 192
Sealand Cup XIII Rubinho 19
Sealand Cup XIV SC RedHead
Sealand Cup XV SC RedHead
Sealand Cup XVI De Snelle Jelles
Sealand Cup XVII FC Sammie de Cavia
Sealand Cup XVIII Limburgia FC
Sealand Cup XIX SC RedHead
Sealand Cup XX F.C. Memorice
Sealand Cup XXI FC Keistad City 192
Sealand Cup XXII De Peizegemnaars
Sealand Cup XXIII Kings Squad
Sealand Cup XXIV Kings Squad
Sealand Cup XXV Real Lutjegast


Sealand has got a very active irc channel: #Sealand Link to the channel: IRC Chat applet
The owners of this channel are Tijny and Lightsun. Normally there are more than ten people online.
Busiest day: Sunday, the day matches are played.

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