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Seattle is a region in the USA. In real life the Seattle metro area is located in Western Washington state in the USA, and has a metropolitan population of over 3.8 million. In Hattrick the Seattle region houses 1.5% of the total USA teams.

Flag of Seattle
Location of Seattle
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Continent: North America
Zone: North America
Country:  USA
Latitude: 47°35' N
Longitude: 122°19' W
Number of teams: 173
Time zone: -9

Memorable Moments

  • After Season 13 HostPro Monkeys (now defunct) became the first known Seattle team to promote to a division II series (II.3). They were followed by Left-Wing Penguins FC (to II.3) after season 25, and Forsaken BK and Submarines, who both promoted after Season 26.
  • After Season 30 Submarines became the first known Seattle team to promote into the Major League, accomplishing this after just one season in II.3 and with only one season of prior II experience.

Best Teams of Seattle (as of Season 32)

  • Submarines (II.1)
  • Jedi Knights FC (III.2)
  • Eleventeen (III.13)
  • Bolivar F.C. (III.9)
  • Future Tofu Yoinkers of America featuring sergiv30 (III.8)
  • BomWAnk MC's (IV.10)
  • Longhairs (IV.14)
  • Kodiaks (IV.56)
  • The Dumplings (IV.24)
  • Bok Choy (IV.51)

Regional Federation

The Somewhat Northwest American Football Union, also known as SNAFU, is one of the oldest USA regional federations and is currently the only regional federation that claims the Seattle region as part of their territory. In fact, the SNAFU members come predominantly from the Seattle region.