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The Set Pieces skill determines how good players are at taking freekicks, corners and penalties. Around 10% of the chances in a game come from freekicks, corners and penalties and having a set pieces specialist in your team will help you score from these chances. There is also the possibility of a long shot Special Event related to set pieces.

Most teams will carry only one Set Pieces specialist on their team, who is also good enough to make the team through his other abilities.

Contrary to all other skills, the set pieces skill does not count into a player's TSI.

This skill is primarily trained through Set pieces training, but there is a small effect when training shooting

Types of Set Pieces

Direct Set Pieces

These are direct free kicks, and penalties. The skill of the appointed Set Pieces taker determine the chance of success.

Indirect Set Pieces

About 1/3 of the Set Piece chances are indirect free kicks. Here the outcome is determined by (in order of importance) :

Attacking team

  • Your outfield players average scoring skill
  • Your outfield players average set pieces skill,
  • Your set pieces taker’s set pieces skill

Defending team

  • Your outfielders average defending
  • Your outfielders average set pieces
  • Your goalkeepers goalkeeping
  • Your goalkeepers set pieces.