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* training regardless of age<br>
* training regardless of age<br>
* freedom of [[formation]]<br>
* freedom of [[formation]]<br>
* Does not increase the [[wages]] of your players
== Cons ==
== Cons ==

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With this training type all players in your squad recieve training in the set pieces skill, whether or not they played a game that week. Regardless of age this training takes about 2 weeks for a player to raise a level.

Set pieces training is concidered to be one of the most lucrative training types in the game. However, it is done by only 2% of all hattrickers. Note that shooting also trains set pieces (as well as scoring), but at a much slower rate.


  • Hugely profitable when done well
  • train up to 50 players
  • training regardless of age
  • freedom of formation
  • Does not increase the wages of your players


  • Massive start-up costs to be done effectively (approx 10 million EUR)
  • many transfers and TS-Hits
  • Players lose form when not playing
  • Very time intensive in real world terms
  • Players will often need to be listed several times before selling
  • There is only a finite number of Set Piece players needed, so this type can only support a limited number of trainers