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Improves the [[passing]] ability of your [[Inner Midfielder]]s, [[Winger]]s and [[Forward]]s. This done by about 4% of the managers. Note that [[through passes]] also trains the [[passing]] skill, for different players.
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This done by about 4% of the managers. Note that [[through passes]] also trains the [[passing]] skill, for different players.

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  • you can train up to 16 players by using 2-5-3, and up to 14 players using standard formations.
  • Recent changes in the game engine are encouraging multiskilled players so all teams need to concentrate more on secondary skills such as passing than previously.
  • Since there are so many training spots, a loss of one of them during some weeks does not have that much impact on the whole training program, allowing to use a player in both matches during the week (this might lead to a better cup run, or similar) without noticeable drawbacks.
  • You can configure your squad by having different sets of trainees, making it easier to have replacements for your A-team.
  • you can play 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 at your will without sacrificing real training spots. You can discard a slot and also play 4-4-2. This, combined with the possibility of having an ample set of substitutes, leads to a better-than-average tactical flexibility.
  • Since passing will be your player's second highest ability most of the times, its impact on the wages is lower. This allows creating multi skilled players that will have only a slightly higher wage as the same player with no passing, but better performance in the field.
  • Easy to swap to Through Passes training on occasion


  • Not for newbies. You need to understand the game before you start training a secondary skill
  • Having 14 perfect (in market terms) trainees requires a investment that most teams cannot afford. A lot of millions need to be invested in trainees to get the maximum profit.
  • Training a primary skill is often better in terms of team improvement and profits.
  • Since the number of players with higher than excellent passing in the market is very low, it is hard to know the right price of such players. Most of the time you just have to be lucky an owner who likes passing spots your player at the moment of the deadline to have it sold.
  • You may need to list a player several times, taking up real world time.