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Apart from goals created by the team, i.e. having better attack than the opponent's defence, you can also have "special events" happen. These either affect an individual player's performance for the rest of the game or they create a goal or scoring opportunity. These are the possible Special Events:

Weather special events

Certain specialties may be better suited to certain weather condition. If a "weather event" happens, a certain player is affected for the rest of the game, and his player rating will reflect his performance accordingly.

  1. Technical players lose Scoring and Playmaking skill in rain and gain the same skills in sun.
  2. Powerful players gain Scoring, Defending and Playmaking skill in rain and lose Scoring in sun. They also get more tired in sun.
  3. Quick players lose Scoring and Defending in rain, and also lose Defending in sun.

Goal special events

Unpredictable players can use their passing skill to create unexpected long passes, and their scoring skill to intercept the ball. Their unpredictability may also create unlikely scoring opportunities. If an unpredictable defender or inner midfielder has sufficiently low defence skill, they can also make an error with a pass that will give the opponent a chance to score. Quick wingers and forwards can create chances by using a burst of speed. This can be countered by the opposing team using a defender who is also Quick, or has sufficient defender skill to keep up. Technical wingers and forwards can create chances if their opposing defender or inner midfielder is a head specialist. Wingers with sufficient winger skill can create chances that will have to be finished off by another winger or a forward. If that other player is a head specialist or has sufficient scoring skill, he will score. Any player with sufficient set pieces skill and sufficient scoring skill can score from a long shot. Corner: To score from a corner kick, the player responsible for taking your set pieces will need to have sufficient set pieces skill and the player receiving the ball from the corner will have to have sufficient scoring skill. The higher the number of head specialists in your team, and the lower the number of head specialists among your opponent's, the better your chances to score. Having no head specialists at all will make you very weak at defending against corners and very weak at scoring from your own corners. Experience: experienced wingers and forwards can score using their experience. Inexperienced defenders and inner midfielders can give their opponents an extra chance.

Tiredness: Tired defenders can make mistakes. Unless the opposing attacker is also too tired, this may create a chance for the opponent.