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'''Player Specialties''' are special attributes that that differentiate some players in [[Hattrick]] from other players. A player may  have only one specialty, and no more. All specialties, except ''regainer'', may result in a [[special event]] during a match, some giving a scoring chance and some giving improved performance due to [[weather]]. Some of the events that lead to a scoring chance are influenced by opposition players, sometimes leading to "game-planning" (as in using a technical player against a head defender, or matching a quick defender against a quick attacker).
#REDIRECT [[Specialty]]
== Normal Specialties ==
*'''[[Head]]''' gives you increased scoring opportunities in corners.
*'''[[Technical]]''' players perform better in good weather and worse in bad weather.
*'''[[Powerful]]''' players perform better in bad weather and worse in good weather. Powerful players are also good at pressing.
*'''[[Quick]]''' players can outrun the opposing defenders.
*'''[[Unpredictable]]''' can create chances by sheer unpredictability of their passes.
== Rare Specialties ==
*'''[[Regainer]]''' helps the player heal [[injury|injuries]] faster.
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