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Split Perssonality is a club in the USA that has spent time in both the third and fourth divisions. The club is notable for typically fielding a match lineup consisting entirely (or almost entirely) of players whose last name is Persson. Other examples of clubs with a similar theme are The Frying Pigs (last name Bacon), Jørgensen IF (last name Jørgensen), Team Reimer (Last name Reimer), Bäckströms BK (last name Bäckström), Kaffemuggen IF (first names are variants of Thomas - run by a very young swedish girl), BK Svensson (last name Svensson), RÖSTÖK (last name Röst), Killar Utan Känsla (first name Stefan), Storträsk FF (several players named Holger Karlsson), SPARKA OCH SPRIT (several players named Roberto Carlos xxx), Space Balls (several players with last name Helmus+C34), Flevo-Ajax (collecting current and former Ajax-players), Alderwood Chiefs (formerly all Gombita, now conventional), and Alles Anders (first name Anders, currently a bot).

There are also some teams that collects famous soccer stars. To mention a few... Knock Internationals, Kraków Red Wings, Vallen, Horsdorf Holy Horses, Ursii Albi

Split Perssonality currently resides in series IV.36.

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