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Spokesperson was a specialist who works as the club's ambassador. The spokesperson was removed as a staff member in Season 60, every team now gains the benefit of a level 5 spokesperson as described below.

Hiring a spokesperson will improve the team's popularity with fans as well as sponsors, which in turn has an effect on sponsor income and ticket sales. Hiring a spokesperson is mainly a financial decision - make sure that the salary is covered by increased revenue for the club.

Skill Level Fan mood Sponsors Cost/week
- No bonus No bonus 0 €
Spokeperson.png +0.1 +0.5 1 500 €
Spokeperson.pngSpokeperson.png +0.2 +1 3 000 €
Spokeperson.pngSpokeperson.pngSpokeperson.png +0.3 +1.5 6 000 €
Spokeperson.pngSpokeperson.pngSpokeperson.pngSpokeperson.png +0.4 +2 12 000 €
Spokeperson.pngSpokeperson.pngSpokeperson.pngSpokeperson.pngSpokeperson.png +0.5 +2.5 24 000 €

He improves mood of Sponsors, and, to a much smaller degree, mood of fans, thereby resulting in an increase in fan club size and sponsor income.

If your team is performing very poorly, a spokesperson can only help you to reduce the decreases in fan club size and sponsor income.


The Spokesperson gives a bonus to both fan and sponsor mood. The bonus is not immediate, but rather raises the target value towards which fan and sponsor mood move. After changing to a Spokesperson of a different level, it should take up to 8 weeks for the change to fully take effect.

The bonus per level is +0.1 for fan mood and +0.5 for sponsor mood. This means a level 5 Spokesperson will, over time, increase your fan mood by half a step and sponsor mood by two and a half steps.

A Spokesperson will always have a positive impact on your income. Higher fan mood will increase ticket sales and higher sponsor mood will increase sponsorship payments. The bigger effect tends to come through ticket sales, but this can vary a lot since many other factors impact fan mood and ticket sales. The bonus to sponsor income is more reliable.

Spokesperson Theories

The following contents are based on experience and/or research conducted by Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

Spokesperson works on sponsors mood, helping with half a level in sponsors mood for each spokesperson's level. The marker raises very quickly week after week, with a gross growth (multiplied by the spokesperson level) of 0.33 for the first week and 0.15 for the second. This means that, based upon season, we can deduce an average advantage of 0.48 per week.

Remember that the sponsor's revenue calculation formula is:

Revenue =  27 200 € + variable * 185

where variable is the rounded value of

fanclub members * sponsors mood / square [series number] * 14.85
Note that sponsors mood is a decimal number, even if we can see only the integer.

Putting together the data, we can now calculte the number of fans needed per series to cover the costs of a better spokesperson with a higher sponsors revenue (not considering at all the arena revenues).

Note that the level 1 spokesperson is NEVER profitable. So the advice is to get at least level 2 or none is better.

In table below, fanclub size nedeed to cover spokespersons cost (by series):

Spokesperson level
2 3 4 5
Series 8 709 1 419 2 838 5 676
Series 7 664 1 327 2 655 5 309
Series 6 614 1 229 2 458 4 916
Series 5 561 1 122 2 244 4 487
Series 4 502 1 003 2 007 4 014
Series 3 434 869 1 738 3 476
Series 2 355 709 1 419 2 838
Series 1 251 502 1 003 2 007

How to read the table: A club with 2 700 fans in series 4 can hire a level 5 spokesperson, but is less profitable that a level 4. Anyway a level 3 is not the right choice! Why? Because we can easly calculate the money loss with a too low level of spèokesperson or with no spokesperson at all (maybe reserving slot to other staff).

After identifying the optimal level, use this formula:

Missed weekly money = [0.48 * Spokesperson level * fanclub number * 185 / square [series number] * 14.85 ] - spokesperson wage

Example: following the model of the series 4 team with 2 700 fans, using no spokesperson the money lost is 19 000 € per week (31k minus 12k for a level 4 spokesperson's wage). It's 300 000 € per season only from sponsors and not considering stadium collect!

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Researches suggest that optimal number of spokespersons is around 1 per 250 fans. But it might be useful to temporarily hire more than optimal at the start of the season to recover sponsor mood quicker from the reset.