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Sponsors and the money they pay are one of the main sources of income for a club. New teams rely more on sponsorship money than on ticket sales from matches, as their supporter's base is rather small and takes up to a few seasons to reach an adequate level.

There are ten different mood levels and Calm is the neutral level. During the Off-season reset, each team's sponsors' mood will be reset to this neutral value.

The sponsor's mood can be found via My Club > Club > Finances. This is also where the income from sponsorship can be seen.

Sponsors' mood levels
Ten different mood levels (and picture associated to level)
Level Name Associated picture
10 Sending love
poems to you
Sponsor mood level 10.png
9 Dancing in
the streets
Sponsor mood level 9.png
8 High on life
Sponsor mood level 8.png
7 Delirious
Moods sponsor6.png
6 Satisfied
Moods sponsor5.png
5 Content
Moods sponsor4.png
4 calm
Moods sponsor3.png
3 Irritated
Moods sponsor2.png
2 Furious
Moods sponsor1.png
1 Murderous
Moods sponsor0.png

Sponsors' income

The future income due to sponsorship money is updated on every single economy update. The sponsors' mood is updated at the same time. The average sponsors income money can be calculated with this formula:

Sponsors' income = 185 * ( Fans number * Sponsors' mood / Division index ) + 27200

Division index

The index of team current division is a coefficient used to calculate the sponsors' income. It measures the success of the team over long term.
   Division       Index   
I 14.85
II 21.00
III 25.72
IV 29.69
V 33.19
VI 36.37

Influences on sponsors' money

There are three factors influencing the amount of money that team receives from sponsors:

  • the fanclub size, meaning the fans number,
  • the team's success over short term, how well it does in its current matches, meaning the sponsors' mood and
  • the team's success over long term, meaning the index of team current division.

In the manual

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Revenues and expenses




Sponsors: Each week you get a sum of money from your sponsors. Check the "Fans and sponsors" chapter for more info.

This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 9
Both sponsors and fans control important sources of income. Therefore it is strongly advised to have a good relation with them and keep their mood up - it will pay off in the end.



Sponsors prefer supporting a club sporting a good "image" to which they can be connected. The more successful your team is and the bigger your team’s fan club is, the better image (and the more sponsor money) you’ll get. Spokespersons also help to improve the club's image. Your sponsors' mood can be seen on the finances page.

This is an extract from the Hattrick rules, Chapter 11
Spokesperson: Improves sponsor and fan attitude towards the club.

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