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Sport NEC Benfica is a Portuguese Hattrick club based in the Lisbon region. The club was founded on the 30th of January 2009 by NunoEspadinha, under the name Sport Million e Benfica. The 26th Portuguese Season was finishing at that time and the actual name of the club was choosed right after, on 5 of May. NEC stands for Nuno Espadinha Correia, the team owner's name.

Sport NEC Benfica (859313)
The Sport NEC Benfica Logo
HT-User: NunoEspadinha
Country: Portugal Portugal
Region: Lisboa
Prize shelf: Division VII.PNGDivision VIII.PNGDivision IX.pngDivision X.PNG
Arena: NEC Benfica Stadium
Fan club: NEC Benfica Boys
Owner Website: Hattrick Kits

Club History

Global Season Portugese Season League Taça de Portugal Goals Team Top Scorer Season Best Scorer
45 33 3rd in VII.372 2nd Round 55 - 25 Paulo Artur C. Reis - 13 - - -
44 32 7th in VI.339 3rd Round 28 - 64 - - - - - -
43 31 1st in VII.317 2nd Round 53 - 22 Wouter Cauwenbergh - 13 Goldenboot VII.gif
42 30 1st in VIII.377 1st Round 93 - 8 Jouni Sundberg - 19 Goldenboot VIII.gif
41 29 3rd in VIII.377 Did Not Compete 62 - 18 Mamede Santos - 8 - - -
40 28 1st in IX.731 Did Not Compete 111 - 3 Mamede Santos - 22 Goldenboot IX.gif
39 27 1st in X.1912 Did Not Compete 76 - 7 Mamede Santos - 15 Goldenboot X.gif
38 26 3rd in X.1912 Did Not Compete 27 - 6 Matias Ligorne - 6 - - -

The owner of the club had another Hattrick team in the past, but the serious assumption of the game started in 2009.

  • Sport NEC Benfica started it's carrer in the end of Portuguese Season 25. The 3rd finishing position on Season 26 was the prize for the basis work started at that time...

It was the beginning for a fantastic Season 27 where the team conquered 13 wins, ascending to the first place and the deserved promotion to the Division IX. That was the first Championship title for the NEC Benfica team. The 3 Top Scorers of the season where Sport NEC Benfica players: Mamede Santos got the first prize with 15 goals, followed by Matias Ligorne with 12 and Olivier Degreave, counting 9.

  • Division IX was a transition period and, incredibly or not, the team showed a fantastic consistency... the final results where the major proof: First place (Second consecutive title) and promotion, 14 wins, an amazing goal average of 111-3... and the 7 (!!!) first Top Scorers of the League - Mamede Santos (22), Jorge Carvão (14), Matias Ligorne (13), Daniel Gonçalves (12), Emílio Vale (9), Emídio Puim (8) and Hugo Gyldenfeldt (8). Bruno Torres was also in the Top 10 with 7 goals scored.
  • Season 29 represented a big challenge after two consecutive promotions. The team was breathing confidence and the number of fans was increasing day after day. NunoEspadinha always defended the supported growth of the club, so this was a season to get the feet well grounded. Some new players arrived and some others departed... Some young ones ascended to the main team, also. The finishing position was the expected one: a 3rd place, just 3 points behind the first classified team, and heads up for the next season.
  • A new title arrived in Season 30. Third promotion in 4 seasons... and the next challenge is called Division VII. Goal average ended up at 93-8 scored (and suffered) in 14 consecutive wins. Jouni Sundberg conquered the Season Top Scorer with 19 goals, followed by the other NEC Benfica striker (scoring 16): Wouter Cauwenbergh. The president decides to show this Hattrick Wiki page to the world as a gift for the new champions, in a press release written in english that marked a new communication method. Also important in this season is the official opening of the NEC Benfica Youth Academy.
  • Season 31 crowned Sport NEC Benfica as the VII.317 serie champions. The team achieved one more honourous trophee. It has been an amazing season and the striker Wouter Cauwenbergh also came away as the Best Scorer, with 13 goals scored. This walkthrough was an half surprise since the direct promotion was idealized just for the 2nd season on Division VII. After a 53-22 goals mark, 11 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw... the team looked ahead for the biggest challenge in it's career - Division VI!!! This season was also the one that saw some historic players promoted to the Hall of Fame: Luis Marvão, Amílcar Borrego and Matias Ligorne are now taking some other duties inside the club.
  • It's common sense that the major difficulties start on Division VI, and the team is inside a very difficult serie. The hope is to maintain itself there.. Update: It was true... the team faced a very difficult serie and finished in 7th place being relegated to Division VII once more. No worries... Olivier Degraeve was promoted to the Hall of Fame during this season.
  • Season 33: The team finished this season in a very good 3rd place, just one point behind the two leaders. New promotion for Division VI and some new players arriving... some others leaving, like Pedro Vidal Correia and Hugo Gyldenfeldt. The Youth Academy is already giving us some interesting players.

Club Colours

Actual Kits
First Kits
Special Kits

Sport NEC Benfica originally wore a green kit with gold trim as their home kit and a white kit with gold trim as their away kit, as most teams without supporter wear.

In July 2009 NunoEspadinha became supporter so a completly new world opened it's doors to the team. A very simple red and white kit became the first personalized one, being the away kit mainly white. Obviously, the influence from the historical portuguese club Sport Lisboa e Benfica is present on the team kits and will always be. The black socks are the remembrance of the first kit used by Benfica back in 1904, year of it's foundation.

Some time after, improved kits were presented to the team fans... Being NunoEspadinha a long time lover of all that involves game graphics, these new kits were a massive improvement to the basic initial ones. Of course that red and white dominated the Home kit design, while the black color present on the Away one is exactly the same as the SL Benfica wears at the 2009/2010 official Portuguese Season. The main sponsor on the back of the shirts is "Sagres", the portuguese beer that is also the favourite one of the team owner.

A very nice conversion of the team logo was made by Eminence and was added to the team kits as soon as it was finished. Honouring this great work NunoEspadinha designed a special kit, completly white, where the logo appears very clear. This kit is used by the team in some special events.

New versions of the kits are already prepared for the next season. A lot of Hattrick Benfica fans already saw them and the reactions were fantastic.

Club Emblem

Sport NEC Benfica
First emblem

Sport NEC Benfica first showed their club emblem to the world in Season 27.
The first emblem is dated from 03-09-2009 and was designed by Mister_CH. It was a simple design but already had most of the elements wanted by NunoEspadinha.

On the making was the official design, which was unveiled on 26 of the same September, 2009. The main colours were red, white and black to match the team kits.
The logo is composed, at the center, by the Benfica Centenarium eagle and lettering. The background transports us to the Sport Liboa e Benfica cathedral, known as Estádio da Luz (Stadium of Light). The logo was designed by ArYus, an esteemed logomaker from Portugal and founder of the OgoLLogO Federation. NunoEspadinha requested that the artist design a modern emblem which portrayed an image related to Benfica, but containing NEC Benfica club name as well as keeping the club colours.

The emblem will suffer a small change in a near future, where the date of the club foundation will be added.


NEC Benfica Stadium

Sport NEC Benfica play their home games at the NEC Benfica Stadium. When first built, the stadium had a capacity of 12.000.

During the Season 28, expansion work boosted the capacity to 18.555. These works finished on 20-10-2009.

The stadium was made up of:

  • 10.348 Terraces
  • 4.068 Basic Seats
  • 3.686 Seats under roof
  • 453 Seats in VIP boxes

The first sold out attendance was against FC Dragao on 20-03-2010 (Season 29). Sport NEC Benfica won 4-2 in a League match on that occasion. The stadium has sold out once more since that game, on 29-05-2010 - already Season 30. It was again a League match, this time against AC Expert, and the final result was a victory by 3-1. After the 3rd sold out attendance, against F.C. Barreiro, the team owner decided that that was the right time to make some rebuilding again. Works started at 15-06-2010. The stadium acomodate now 30.000 souls...

NEC Benfica Stadium

Actually, the stadium is made up of:

  • 17.815 Terraces
  • 7.136 Basic Seats
  • 4.349 Seats under roof
  • 700 Seats in VIP boxes

Current Squad

Squad Number Position Nationality Name Date Joined Previous Club Transfer Fee Junior Team
1 GK Portugal Volodymyr Shireryuk 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
2 DEF Portugal Tiago Catraio 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
3 DEF Portugal Ivo Fachada 06-05-2009 La Benzinho Team France 2.000 €
4 DEF Portugal Emídio Puim 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
5 DEF France Olivier Degraeve 26-03-2009 les collègues de marseille France 16.500 €
6 MID Portugal Bruno Torres 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
7 WING Portugal Emílio Vale 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
8 MID Switzerland Hugo Gyldenfeldt 21-04-2009 TSV Bierden Germany 26.003 €
10 MID Portugal Daniel Gonçalves 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
11 MID Portugal Jorge Carvão 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
12 DEF Portugal Acácio Piedade 21-03-2010 .Clube Oriental Lisboa. Portugal 313.000 €
13 MID Portugal Basílio Reis Nunes 05-01-2010 F.C.Switch Hunedoara Romania 15.000 €
14 MID England Steve Crisp 21-03-2010 Ante unes Portugal 296.000 €
15 WING Spain Iván Barbarie 06-05-2009 lacigonya Spain 2.000 €
16 MID South Africa Buddy Lawless 31-07-2010 The Darker Side South Africa 1.000 €
17 WING Portugal Herman Calabaça 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
18 MID Finland Kimmo Hankaniemi 21-03-2010 Misty Pitch F.C. Italy 214.000 €
19 MID Portugal Mamede Santos 30-01-2009 - - - - - -
20 FOR Portugal Casimiro Silva Figueiredo 05-01-2010 TukuL_GondronG Poland 33.000 €
21 FOR Belgium Wouter Cauwenbergh 21-03-2010 ojo con los resultados Argentina 250.000 €
22 DEF Austria Markus Holzinger 19-11-2010 Brunost United Norway 260.000 €
24 GK Portugal Pedro Vidal Correia 15-02-2010 - - - - - - Star.gif
26 DEF Netherlands Roland Spong 17-02-2010 *Loirinhos Fc* Portugal 29.000 €
30 FOR Poland Kasper Łata 14-01-2010 felidan Romania 55.000 €
31 FOR Finland Jouni Sundberg 21-03-2010 Deportivo Madestry Chile 416.000 €
99 GK Argentina Hernán Bernardoni 20-11-2010 Fefo's Team Argentina 545.000 €
- COACH Belgium Lucca Massy 07-05-2009 - - - - - -


The Sport NEC Benfica Youth Academy is a project for the future and opened it's doors on 30-06-2010. The team owner and club responsables hope that it can be the birth place for some important key players that might enter the main senior team.
Anyway, until this day, the club invested 20.000€ every week in it's Junior Team... That bet in the young players already gave some good results in the past, being one of them the goalkeeper Pedro Vidal Correia, which conquered a place in the main team since February 2010.

Silvestre Carocha was the first member of the Junior Team to get a full time contract, on 27-03-2009.

The Youth Academy is called NEC Benfica Juniors and they play the home matches at the Academia NEC Benfica, with a capacity of 300 seats.

Past players

Name Nationality Date Joined Buying Fee Previous Club Transfer Date Transfer Fee Destination Club
Juliano Tambor Portugal 30-01-2009 - - - - - - - - - - - - *Ex-Coach*
Andrea Draetta Italy 23-04-2009 - - - - - - - - - - - - *Ex-Coach*
Artur Grácio Portugal 30-01-2009 - - - - - - - - - - - - *Player fired*
Silvestre Carocha Portugal 27-03-2009 - - - - - - - - - - - - *Player fired*
Aarão Matos Portugal 01-07-2009 - - - - - - - - - - - - *Player fired*
Hektor Hjort Sweden 27-03-2009 1.000 € Partihallers BK Sweden - - - - - - *Player fired*
Mark Janssen Belgium 27-03-2009 1.000 € Blue White Army Belgium 09-05-2009 1.000 € Glorioso SLM Portugal
Carlos Gaspar Portugal 22-04-2009 - - - - - - 14-07-2009 1.000 € Macedo_city Portugal
Ricardo Poeira Portugal 31-07-2009 21.000 € Penteas_team Portugal 03-01-2010 797.000 € Borel United FC Portugal
Frederico Chaves Portugal 30-01-2009 - - - - - - 17-01-2010 3.000 € Guiness FC Argentina
Benevenuto Tereso Portugal 30-01-2009 - - - - - - 20-02-2010 16.000 € SV Huse Germany
Antenor Sustelo Portugal 30-01-2009 - - - - - - 12-04-2010 15.000 € Moldavian's Lords Romania
Roberto Silva Portugal 01-07-2009 6.000 € U.D.Belmonte Portugal 15-04-2010 310.000 € TSKA BUCURESTI01 Romania
Átila Aires Portugal 30-01-2009 - - - - - - 27-04-2010 1.000 € KS PrivateTeam Poland
Dominik Karolkiewicz Poland 14-01-2010 51.000 € Skrzaty Domowe Poland 16-07-2010 111.000 € sporting salamanca Spain
Jonas Gomes Costa Portugal 30-10-2010 - - - NEC Benfica Juniors Portugal 02-11-2010 1.000 € amigos del vino Spain
Belarmino Horta Portugal 03-11-2010 - - - NEC Benfica Juniors Portugal 16-11-2010 1.000 € Fráguas - VNP F.C. Portugal
Thandiwe Ngwane South Africa 31-07-2010 1.000 € The Darker Side South Africa 16-11-2010 4.000 € The Darker Side South Africa
Miguel Marco Marroso Portugal 16-03-2010 - - - - - - 05-12-2010 1.000 € KS Dragon Korzeniów Poland
Emídio Janeira Portugal 30-06-2010 - - - - - - 05-12-2010 22.000 € PINK TITTY Italy
Rory Shute South Africa 31-07-2010 1.000 € The Darker Side South Africa - - - - - - *Player fired*


Global Season Portuguese Season Competition Result Trophy
39 27 1st in X.1912 Division X.PNG
40 28 1st in IX.731 Division IX.png
42 30 1st in VIII.377 Division VIII.PNG
43 31 1st in VII.317 Division VII.PNG

The club won their first title in Portuguese Season 27 when they won Division X.1912. 13 consecutive wins were the key to the Title.
Portuguese striker Mamede Santos claimed the league Top Goalscorer award with 15 goals.

One season later Sport NEC Benfica added a second winners trophy to their collection when the won Division IX.731 conquering a 100% record, winning all 14 league games.
Again portuguese striker Mamede Santos claimed the league Top Goalscorer award, this time with 22 goals.

Season 30 marks the 3rd champion title for the team.
The Division VIII.377 was left back with 14 wins and Jouni Sundberg as the serie Top Scorer, with 19 goals.

Season 31 - One more championship trophee at the Division VII.317. Wouter Cauwenbergh scored 13 goals and was the serie Top Scorer. The team finished the season with 11 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

Records and Statistics

Hall of Fame

These respected players have been inducted to the Sport NEC Benfica Hall of Fame.

Luis Marvão

Luís has been in the Hall of Fame since he was 30 years old. He has been faithful to the team his entire career, until 16-09-2010, when he assumed the role of Public Relations Manager. The only goal scored on his career was exactly on the first match of the team.

Personal Information
Full Name Luís Marvão
Current career Public Relations Manager
Country Portugal Portugal
Player ID (234198584)
Arrived in club 30-01-2009
Retired 16-09-2010
Seasons in club 6
Career Goals 1
Career Hattricks 0
Total matches in club 47
Youth Club
- - -
Senior Clubs
Sport NEC Benfica
Amílcar Borrego

Amílcar has been in the Hall of Fame since he was 31 years old. Also faithful to the team his entire career, until 18-09-2010, when he assumed the role of Marketing Director.

Personal Information
Full Name Amílcar Borrego
Current career Marketing Director
Country Portugal Portugal
Player ID (234198586)
Arrived in club 30-01-2009
Retired 18-09-2010
Seasons in club 6
Career Goals 10
Career Hattricks 1
Total matches in club 58
Youth Club
- - -
Senior Clubs
Sport NEC Benfica
Matias Ligorne

Matias has been in the Hall of Fame since he was 32 years old. He has been faithful to the team his entire career, until 30-10-2010, when he assumed the role of Head Equipment Manager. Matias Ligorne was the team first ever striker to score an Hattrick and also the first one to score 4 goals in the same match.

Personal Information
Full Name Matias Ligorne
Current career Head Equipment Manager
Country Portugal Portugal
Player ID (234198579)
Arrived in club 30-01-2009
Retired 30-10-2010
Seasons in club 6
Career Goals 37
Career Hattricks 3
Total matches in club 72
Youth Club
- - -
Senior Clubs
Sport NEC Benfica

Most Appearances

  • Below is a list of the 20 players with the most appearances for Sport NEC Benfica, as of June 08, 2010:
Place Nation Player Appearances
1 Portugal Mamede Santos 75
2 Portugal Emílio Vale 74
3 Portugal Volodymyr Shireryuk 73
4 Portugal Tiago Catraio 71
5 Portugal Emídio Puim 71
6 Portugal Daniel Gonçalves 71
7 Portugal Jorge Carvão 67
8 Portugal Matias Ligorne 67
9 Portugal Bruno Torres 63
10 Switzerland Hugo Gyldenfeldt 60
11 Portugal Amílcar Borrego 58
12 Spain Iván Barbarie 57
13 France Olivier Degraeve 57
14 Portugal Herman Calabaça 56
15 Portugal Ivo Fachada 49
16 Portugal Luís Marvão 47
16 Portugal Átila Aires 40
18 Portugal Antenor Sustelo 39
19 Portugal Frederico Chaves 35
20 Portugal Roberto Silva 34

Most Goals

  • Below is a list of the Sport NEC Benfica 20 players with the most goals in their careers, as of June 08, 2010:
Place Nation Player Goals
1 Portugal Mamede Santos 55
2 Switzerland Hugo Gyldenfeldt 38
3 Portugal Matias Ligorne 36
3 Portugal Daniel Gonçalves 35
5 Finland Jouni Sundberg 34
6 Portugal Jorge Carvão 29
7 Belgium Wouter Cauwenbergh 28
8 Portugal Emídio Puim 19
8 Portugal Emílio Vale 19
10 France Olivier Degreave 15
11 Portugal Bruno Torres 14
11 Spain Iván Barbarie 14
13 Finland Kimmo Hankaniemi 13
14 Portugal Amílcar Borrego 10
15 Portugal Tiago Catraio 9
16 Portugal Casimiro Silva Figueiredo 8
17 England Steve Crisp 7
18 Poland Dominik Karolkiewicz 6
19 Netherlands Roland Spong 5
19 Portugal Ivo Fachada 5

Flag Collection

Sport NEC Benfica have been seriously chasing flags since Portuguese Season 27. The team owner is mostly interested in hosting matches... travels will come in the future.

  • Below is a chart of their Hosted International Friendlies. Sometimes, more than one team from the same country played at the NEC Benfica Stadium - This table consists only on the first team hosted from each country, because these were the matches that counted for the flag conquer.

This big list is increasing it's size every week that passes, since NunoEspadinha continues to schedule a lot of friendly matches with new countries...

Country Hosted Flag Team Name Date Origin
Portugal Portugal mucifal st 25-02-2009 Challenge
Belgium Belgium FC de supporters 08-04-2009 Challenge
Italy Italy Interpersempre 20-05-2009 Challenge
Spain Spain FCBarcelona United 17-06-2009 Challenge
Chile Chile Los Comparishis 24-06-2009 Challenge
Uruguay Uruguay foxdos 01-07-2009 Challenge
Israel Israel FC Vultures 15-07-2009 Challenge
Argentina Argentina El academico sj 22-07-2009 Challenge
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Mostar NDBL 29-07-2009 Challenge
Poland Poland Zadziory z mysiej nory 05-08-2009 Challenge
Romania Romania Nottingham Hood 02-09-2009 Challenge
Germany Germany Eurofighter04 09-09-2009 Challenge
Czech Republic Czech Republic zenga team 16-09-2009 Challenge
Croatia Croatia HNK S.Brod 23-09-2009 Challenge
Sweden Sweden Cibbas Allstar 30-09-2009 Challenge
Brazil Brazil Ernandes FC 07-10-2009 Challenge
Turkey Turkey Kum Adaları 21-10-2009 Challenge
Switzerland Switzerland Hendorra FC 11-11-2009 Challenge
Luxembourg Luxembourg V.I.F.T 25-11-2009 Challenge
Mexico Mexico CF Monterrey 02-12-2009 Challenge
England England The Mighty Imps 16-12-2009 Challenge
France France RCPSG 23-12-2009 Challenge
The Nederlands Netherlands fritsiej 30-12-2009 Challenge
Russia Russia boniki 13-01-2010 Challenge
Venezuela Venezuela Mamoyoyo F.C. 20-01-2010 Challenge
Finland Finland FC Jigi 27-01-2010 Challenge
Peru Peru Injertos de S. Borja 03-02-2010 Challenge
Colombia Colombia Real Bogota FC 10-02-2010 Challenge
Norway Norway Superiority FC 17-02-2010 Challenge
Austria Austria FC Sunny Wien 24-02-2010 Challenge
United States of America USA Rockie FC 03-03-2010 Challenge
Oceania Oceania Fortuna Düsseldorf FC 10-03-2010 Challenge
Hungary Hungary teglagyar 17-03-2010 Challenge
Canada Canada ASHccheck 24-03-2010 Challenge
Scotland Scotland Dinamo Div 31-03-2010 Challenge
FYR Macedonia North Macedonia Mirkovci 07-04-2010 Forum Contact
Panama Panama Furia Verdolaga 14-04-2010 Challenge
Armenia Armenia FC Real Forever 28-04-2010 AFFF Lottery
Serbia Serbia Labudnjaca-Vajska 05-05-2010 Challenge
South Africa South Africa Sparklings 12-05-2010 KFFF Lottery
Ireland Republic of Ireland Top Dogs FC 26-05-2010 Match for Kits
Malta Malta Malta Stars 02-06-2010 Match for Kits
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan FC Necromancer 09-06-2010 KFFF Lottery
Denmark Denmark FC Saget 16-06-2010 Challenge
Chinese Taipei Taiwan TAIWAN not Chinese Taipei 23-06-2010 AFFF Lottery
Jamaica Jamaica Chargers FC 30-06-2010 AFFF Premium
Nicaragua Nicaragua FC YANT 07-07-2010 AFFF Premium
South Korea South Korea 1114 14-07-2010 Forum Contact
Montenegro Montenegro Vukovi sa Bjelasice 21-07-2010 Forum Contact
Slovenia Slovenia Fc Dornava 28-07-2010 Match for Kits
Kyrgystan Kyrgyzstan Germes-Profi 04-08-2010 AFFF Lottery
Wales Wales Steel Dragon United 08-09-2010 Match for Kits
Bulgaria Bulgaria FK Dorostol 22-09-2010 Challenge
Pakistan Pakistan PAKISTAN ARMY F.C. 29-09-2010 FFFF Lottery
Letonia Latvia FK Zāles pļāvēji 24-11-2010 Forum Contact
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates AD All-Stars 02-02-2011 Forum Contact
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic New Barça 11-05-2011 FFFF Lottery
Georgia Georgia Fc beriki 01-06-2011 Forum Contact
Mozambique Mozambique catembe fc 08-06-2011 AFFF Premium

Country Visited Flag Team Name Date Origin
Italy Italy martinez's eleven 05-05-2009 Challenge
Portugal Portugal juv. acad. pessegueirense 27-05-2009 Challenge
Serbia Serbia F.K. Železničar 03-06-2009 Challenge
Turkey Turkey Ks.aTTacK 10-06-2009 Challenge
Spain Spain Berberechos S.A. 08-07-2009 Challenge
Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina DZUDJI UNITED 01-09-2010 Challenge
Sweden Sweden Goclaw FC 20-10-2010 Challenge
Russia Russia Real Fryazino C.F. 27-10-2010 Challenge
Oceania Oceania PRINCETOWN WARRIORS 03-11-2010 Challenge
Croacia Croatia VarteksVz 10-11-2010 Challenge
Lithuania Lithuania FC Matrica 17-11-2010 Challenge
England England The Orange Machine 21-12-2010 Challenge
France France FC Gounine 29-12-2010 Challenge
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates AD All-Stars 05-01-2011 Forum Contact
Hungary Hungary BerényStar FC 12-01-2011 Challenge
Greece Greece WhiteRed 19-01-2011 Challenge
Belgium Belgium Stars'nStripes 26-01-2011 Challenge
Brazil Brazil TRØLLS 10-02-2011 Challenge
United States of America USA CC Irish 17-02-2011 Challenge
Venezuela Venezuela juvelan F.C. 23-02-2011 Challenge
Mexico Mexico Pisteados 03-03-2011 Challenge
Norway Norway Rossåsen 09-03-2011 Challenge
Germany Germany Ball Technicians Brunswick 15-03-2011 Challenge
Switzerland Switzerland fc mcgonagall 06-04-2011 Challenge
Peru Peru Camino de Vida FC 14-04-2011 Challenge
Austria Austria SK Halligalli 20-04-2011 Challenge
Georgia Georgia Fc beriki 27-04-2011 Forum Contact
Chile Chile U_Chile 04-05-2011 Challenge
Colombia Colombia The Scarecrows Bogota 19-05-2011 Challenge
Moldavia Moldova Steaua Red Star 25-05-2011 AFFF Lottery
Letonia Latvia FK ArGi 15-06-2011 Challenge
Israel Israel maccabi zhur-shalom 21-06-2011 Challenge
Argentina Argentina Yuto 07-07-2011 Challenge
Iran Iran PERPOLIS 17-08-2011 Challenge

Total number of flags attained in away matches: 5 of 124.
Total number of flags attained in home matches: 48 of 124.


Team Achievements

Date Achievement Points
Star.gif 26-03-2009 Bought player 10
Star.gif 27-03-2009 Scouted a new player 10
Star.gif 23-04-2009 Player's skill increased 10
Star.gif 02-05-2009 The money on your account exceeded 500.000 € 5
Star.gif 09-05-2009 Sold player 10
Star.gif 14-07-2009 Sold a youth player 10
Star.gif 24-10-2009 Total TSI of the squad exceeded 30.000 5
Star.gif 23-11-2009 Team was ranked amongst the top 25.000 5
Star.gif 25-01-2010 Fan club size exceeded 1.000 members 5

Match Achievements

Date Achievement Points
Star.gif 01-02-2009 Home-grown lineup 25
Star.gif 08-04-2009 Played international friendly match 35
Star.gif 21-06-2009 Team reached an average match rating of weak 4
Star.gif 16-05-2010 Team reached at least 40 stars in a match 15

Manager Achievements

Date Achievement Points
Star.gif 26-03-2009 Wrote a forum post 10
Star.gif 13-05-2009 Wrote a press announcement 10

Special Awards

Date Achievement Points
Star.gif - - - Team has 0 expenses (deleted achievement) 15

Total 16 of 30 possible achievements
Total 144 of 983 possible points


NunoEspadinha and Sport NEC Benfica are proud members of the following HT Federations.


This Federation was founded on the 10th of May 2007 and has over 290 members from 84 nations. The Federation aims to help all flag fans to find friendlies with teams from other nations and to help members find achievements. The federation is limited to 6 members from each HT nation.

  • Kits and Friendlies For Free - KFFF

KFFF is a federation where you can get kits for your team. You can also get nice friendly games vs teams from rare or semi-rare countries like Bahrain, Brunei, Armenia, Salvador, Nigeria, Chinese Taipei, Jamaica, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and much more via competitions or lotteries in this federation!

  • Federação Sport Lisboa e Benfica - FSLB

This federation is made by Sport Lisboa e Benfica fans. The main objective is to talk about the club every day aspects, being football or every other sport. It's also a friendly place, where people now each other and where some real events are scheduled from times to times: lunches, live football meetings, etc.

  • Federação Portuguesa de Logos HT - OgoLLogO

In this federation you can request for free a logo/emblem for your team. It's composed by a dynamic group of designers and the rest of the logo requesters. It has a very good atmosphere and a forum where you can discuss a lot of different topics and questions.


The official federation that makes the HT World Cup virtual stickers albuns. Counting more than 1100 members, this is the place where people debates all the issues around these virtual collections. A lot of fun and the priceless secret codes hunting are the major features of this group.

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