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The fans are an important source of income for a Hattrick team. While new teams might rely more on sponsorship money than on ticket sales, this changes as soon as team stays some time within Hattrick. The fans are fickle, though. One week their manager is their king and hero, one week later they're furious as hell. The heart of a supporters club is made up of a hard core of devoted fans. They won't abandon their team just for a few minor setbacks, but the size of the supporter club changes in relation to club fortunes and misfortunes. A die-hard fan club is built up over many seasons, which explains why the top teams who have been in the highest divisions for several seasons generally have the largest supporters clubs.

A fan club won't grow forever, it can even shrink, depending on the team's performance. There is also a soft cap for each division. It is a rough limit on the total number of fans in each team's supporter club. As fan club size reaches this cap, the rate at which new fans sign up to the club slows, eventually diminishing to a trickle of a few fans. The exact soft cap numbers are unknown. However, each division level has a higher cap than the division below it.

More information about the fans can be found via My Club > Club > Fans. The income from ticket sales for the current week and the week concluded with the last economy update can be seen via My Club > Club > Finances.

New teams

Every new team starts with 100 fans. The number of fans can be reduced to a number below 100, or even to zero fans (by changing the region multiple times in a row during an off-season), but it will be back to 100 with the next daily update, at least with the first daily update after the home country's matchday. The starting amount of 100 used to be 500, but this was reduced at the beginning of 2004 when too many countries grew too large. Also a division XI still generates a lot of problems since growth is only slow and teams have to rely nearly exclusively on sponsorship money and training for much longer than new teams in smaller countries. The smaller the number of divisions is in a certain country, the faster the initial growth of the supporters club will be. Teams in countries with three divisions only might even receive 25 or more new fans per update. This is much less in big countries.


The number of fans in a supporter club changes on the first daily update after the home country's matchday (competition, cup, or friendly). This means a change is possible twice a week, never during an economy update, though. The number of new fans depends on the current supporters' mood and fan club size with respect to division level. Each division has a soft cap on the maximum size of a team's supporter club. The closer a fan club is to the soft cap, the harder it is to attract new fans.

If a team has more than 10 doctors the supporter mood can drop at each single daily update, including a special message for the manager in such cases.

Influences on supporter mood

According to the manual, there are several factors influencing the supporter mood and thus the crowd attending to matches as well as the growth rate of the fan club.

  • How the team performs compared to the current season expectations;
  • how the team performs compared to the match expectations for a specific competition match. Cup matches can hit fan clubs a lot, especially if higher ranked teams lose against lower ranked teams playing at home;
  • the team attitude in a specific match and
  • the cash reserve.

In turn season expectations, a feature introduced for global season 35, depend on the outcome of the last season. Fans of a newly promoted team will have few expectations in the new series, while those of a relegated team will expect to fight to promote back.

Also introduced as a feature at the beginning of global season 35, the match expectations on their side depend on several factors:

  • the season expectations (importance diminishes with the progress of the season; stays the only thing of importance for cup matches);
  • the current position in the series and the league (in a series match; much more importance as the season progresses);
  • the amount of points of both teams (in a series match, much more importance as the season progresses)
  • and, on a general note, if a team plays at home or away.

The current growth of the fan club is influenced by several factors:

  • The supporter mood.
  • When a club promotes to a higher division, excited fans flock to the fan club, resulting in a 10% increase in size. Similarly, when a club demotes to a lower division, disgruntled fans leave resulting in a 10% decrease in fan club size.
  • If the team's name or region is changed, 3% of the fans will leave the the fan club all of a sudden.

Other influences

The supporter mood influences the crowd attendance for any specific match. The fan club's size influences the sponsors' mood.


There is no neutral level anymore for the fan mood. During the Off-season reset, each team's fan mood will be moved half down or up to the middle of the level ladder.

Match expectations aren't reset, season expectations for the new seasons are published as soon as the last competition match of a season is played.


Denomination of fan mood levels

There are twelve different mood levels and a picture is associated to each level:

Level Name Associated picture
12 Sending love poems to you Supporter mood level 12.png
11 dancing in the streets Supporter mood level 11.PNG
10 high on life Supporter mood level 10.png
9 delirious Supporter mood level 9.PNG
8 satisfied Supporter mood level 8.png
7 content Supporter mood level 7.PNG
6 calm Supporter mood level 6.png
5 disappointed Supporter mood level 5.png
4 irritated Supporter mood level 4.png
3 angry Supporter mood level 3.png
2 furious Supporter mood level 2.png
1 murderous Supporter mood level 1.png

Denomination of match expectation levels

There are eleven different season expectation levels:

Level Name
11 Let's humiliate them
10 Piece of cake!
9 We will win
8 We are favourites
7 We have the edge
6 It will be a close affair
5 They have the edge
4 They are favourites
3 We will lose
2 We are outclassed
1 Better not show up

Denomination of season expectation levels

There are eight different season expectation levels:

Level Name
8 We are so much better than this division!
7 We have to win this season
6 Aim for the title!
5 We belong in the top 4
4 A mid table finish is nice
3 We will have to fight to stay up
2 Every day in this division is a bonus
1 We are not worthy of this division

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