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Types of Staff

There are eight different types of specialist available for your club. They help manage different things and will cost you 1500 per week. You will pay this during the economy update, and will also be charged at the time you fire the specialist.

There's no limit to the amount of specialists you can hire, but the effect of every additional specialist is slightly lower than the effect of the first one, which is slightly lower than the effect of the second one and so on...

If you ever have more than ten specialists of the same kind (goalkeeping and assistant coaches are, for this purpose, counted as the same type), problems may occur, possibly causing negative effects. Depending on the exact type of specialist, you could see negative effects on the team spirit or to your economy or worst of all a loss of training. For every specialist above the first ten, the risk of a negative effect increases.

Some people claim that you can safely have a total of 11 goalkeeping and assistant coaches, however this have been proven to carry with it a risk of losing all training for the week. With the 11th coach adding a tiny fraction of the benefit of the first few coaches, most players agree that the risk far outweighs any potential benefit.

The amount of specialists employed can be checked under "The Club" caption in the "Your Club" menu. This is also where you can hire and fire specialists.

Goalkeeping coach

Goalkeeping coaches improve your goalkeeper form, and they get more out of goalkeeping training.

Assistant coach

Assistant coaches improve outfield players' form and they get more out of training sessions. The coach's abilities for leadership are unaffected, though.

Sports psychologist

Sports psychologists increase confidence and, to a much smaller degree, team spirit.

A persistent rumor had it, that if your team gains very high levels of confidence, your psychologists actually lower the team confidence towards the optimum level - helping you avoid overconfidence in your games. That is not true!

Psychologist do not help protect you against overconfidence. This was explained in a Q&A on Global by HT-Tjecken: Q: So overconfidence can happen more often. To prevent it I should hire the maximum number of psychologist. Not fire them? A: Psychologists boost your confidence, they're not at all useful to lower it. So I should sack them in case of overconfidence and not hire more.


Spokespersons improve sponsors mood, and, to a much smaller degree, supporter mood.


Economists allow you to earn interest on your money if you have a large surplus in the bank, or reduce your debts if you are too far in the red. Mostly it will not be necessary to employ economists.


Physiotherapists reduce the chance of getting a player injured.


Doctors help injured players rehabilitate faster. Extensive research has been done into the rates that doctors heal your players. Read more about this at injury.

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