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There are several different specialists available to your club. They help manage different things, but each costs you 1 500 € a week.

There's no limit to the amount of specialists you can hire, but the effect of every additional specialist receedes successively. Two assistant coaches are better than one, but the effect is definitely not doubled. Having four specialists is slightly better than having two, but again doesn't double the effect

Staff types

Goalkeeping coach

Improves your goalkeeper form, and necessary for training in goalkeeping.

Assistant coach

Improves outfield players' form and they get more out of training sessions. The coach's abilities for leadership are unaffected, though.

Sports psychologist

Increases confidence and, to a much smaller degree, team spirit.


Improves sponsor mood, and, to a much smaller degree, supporter attitude towards the club.


If you have many debts or many funds available, you can hire an economist to reduce your interest rates, or invest your surplus.


Reduces chances of injuries.


Helps injured players rehabilitate faster.

  • It will cost you 1 500 € to fire a specialist. If you have more than ten specialists of the same kind (goalkeeping and assistant coaches are, for this purpose, counted as the same type) problems with cooperation may occur, possibly causing negative effects on the teams atmosphere, or on economic setbacks, or similar which may include a loss of training. For every specialist above the first ten, the risk of a negative effect increases.

  • The amount of specialists employed can be checked under "The Club" caption in the "Your Club" menu. This is also where you can hire and fire specialists.