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Staff Recommendations

There are eight different types of specialist available for your club. They efficiently manage different team functions and cost 1800 per week in salary, paid during the weekly economic update. Firing a specialist will result in a 1800 hit.

There's no limit to the amount of specialists you can hire, but the effects of each additional specialist is slightly lower than the effects of the one before him. The number of specialists you employ, as well as the hire/fire menu, can be found on the "The Club" page.


Having more than ten specialists of the same type (e.g. 11 doctors or 12 spokespersons) will create problems and cause negative effects in your training, team spirit, and economy zones. For every specialist above ten, the risk of negative effects increases. Goalkeeping and assistant coaches are counted as the same type, thus any combination of ten or less (i.e. 5 Goal., 5 Ass.) is acceptable.

Some say you can safely hire a total of 11 goalkeeping/assistant coaches, however this does carry the risk of losing all training for a week and is not worth the risk.

Since season 36 staff salaries are 1800 euro each.

Staffing Types

Goalkeeping Coaches

Assistant Coaches

  • Improves outfield player form
  • Improves outfield player training

Sports Psychologists

Contrary to popular belief, if your team gains very high levels of confidence, psychologists DO NOT lower team confidence towards the optimum level. Your players will remain overconfident.



Economists allow you to earn interest on your money if you have a large surplus (over €4 million) in the bank and reduce debts if you are far into the red.



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