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Article Originally Published August 18, 2005 HT-Jonas has been going over some numbers lately. Some big numbers. Read on for fascinating statistics from the eventful world of Hattrick.

After we added the lastest bookmark stats feature, I thought it would be interesting to go over some statistics from the site that we don't normally publish. There was a "My Hattrick" message with these kind of statistics a year ago, and since then people have been asking for a follow-up. So I made some database queries to see what I could learn about the activity generated by you, the members of this vibrant community. All the numbers are of course approximates since they vary from day to day, but they give you a good hint about the order of magnitude.

Where to begin? Community. Each day, our system sends out 35.000 emails. These are introduction mails, password reminders, closed-due-to-cheating-mails (unfortunately), etc. Roughly 110.000 conference postings are submitted each day, with about 40% written in federation conferences. The series conferences clock in a solid second position, with about 20% of all conference postings. In addition, 120.000 ht-mails are sent each day.

So, when is the match engine getting some sleep? Apparently, never. Each week, there are 614.000 matches played. This corresponds almost exactly to, on average, one match each second during the week. In order to play the friendlies, you send out challenges. And quite a few. The challenges peak on thursday, naturally, when 500.000 challenges are being sent out. It then falls down to about 100.000 challenges a day in the end of the "friendly week".

What about the transfer market then? Well, each day there are 180.000 bids placed on players. This makes 10.000 managers happy, since they receive previous club and original club money.

And finally, each day 850.000 successful logins are made. Out of these, 300.000 are from unique users. Last week, 520.000 unique users logged in to check out the latest events for their teams.

Well, that's about it. I hope you enjoyed the numbers!

Author: HT-Jonas