Stiphout Vooruit

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Stiphout Vooruit (20888)
Stiphout Vooruit
Managed by Frankie
Club information
LocationNoord-Brabant Nederland
ArenaHet Molenven
Fan ClubDe Tricoloren

Stiphout Vooruit is the most succesful Dutch team, it is managed by Frankie. In Dutch seasons 3 to 8 SV dominated, and won 6 successive league titles. In seasons 3,4 and 7 the KNVB Beker was also won. Frankie managed to stay in the Eredivisie for 12 seasons. Currently Stiphout Vooruit is playing in II.4.


  • Season 1 III.? (season 1 data lost)
  • Season 2 II.4
  • Season 3 Eredivisie and KNVB Beker
  • Season 4 Eredivisie and KNVB Beker
  • Season 5 Eredivisie
  • Season 6 Eredivisie
  • Season 7 Eredivisie and KNVB Beker
  • Season 8 Eredivisie