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The official fan club is the "'''Michael Stipe Fans'''" with more than 2100 members.
The official fan club is the "'''Michael Stipe Fans'''" with more than 2200 members.

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Supernatural Superserious (former Panatha13)
Social colours: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e2/600px_Verde_e_Bianco_%28Quadrati%29.png/20px-600px_Verde_e_Bianco_%28Quadrati%29.png Green - White
Club signs
Town: Athens
Area: Attiki
Country: Greece
Federations: Prima Materia / Hellenic Defence Trainers
Division: IV.29
Foundation: 2-3-2009
President: Greece c0stas
Coach: Portugal Bruno Galego
Votanikos Arena
(36.000 seats)

Club history


Division V s.PNG V.226 season 28

Division VII s.PNG VI.939 season 25


  • Season 28 series V.226 finished 1st (and promoted to IV.29 after an epic come back in the play off game)
  • Season 27 series V.226 finished 4th
  • Season 26 series V.226 finished 2nd
  • Season 25 series VI.939 finished 1st (and promoted to V.226 on overtime in the play off game)
  • Season 24 series VI.939 finished 2nd

Transfer records

  • Purchase: Greece Kostas Kamperis 3.511.000 €
  • Sale: Belgium Roan Platteau 2.600.000 €


The home ground of Supernatural Superserious is REM Arena. The stadium capacity is 36.000.


The official fan club is the "Michael Stipe Fans" with more than 2200 members.


  • Portugal Bruno Galego (season 29-today), former player of the club who scored the winning goal in the play-off game at 19/12/2009 and Panatha13 promoted to V.226.
  • Belgium Yarne Cantin (season 25-season 28), 2 championships.


Arrival Famous Players
Youth Greece Haris Vrontakis .
14/10/2009 Portugal Bruno Galego .
30/11/2009 France Emmanuel Dehon .
23/01/2010 Greece Kostas Papanikos .
06/06/2010 Greece Lefteris Gavridis .
13/06/2010 Greece Kostas Kamperis .
23/06/2010 Portugal Emil Gasca .
20/09/2010 Hungary Barnabas Akacz .

Youth Academy

Youth team

The youth team of Supernatural Superserious is Vazelakia Juniors.

Youth stadium

The Green Academy Arena is used for the youth squad. It seats 300 spectators.