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Support is a rare specialty.

"Supportiveness" consists in the power to boost skill of teammates that are close by on the field.

Having a lot of Support players in a squad means a higher probability events. There is the theoretical possibility that the event will occur several times in the same game even if in reality the boost is so rare that the boost is not triggered more than once a season.


First of all, the match engine decides if a support event is extracted. Then it compares the relevant skill of the Support player with the average level of that skill in the opposing team; the experience of the Support player is also important in comparison with the average experience of the opposing team.

Skill relevant for Support bonus check
Role Main skill
Goalkeeper Goalkeeping
Center Defender / Wingback Defending
Midfielder Playmaking
Winger Wing
Forward Scoring

Only if the check succeeds, Support player will experience a positive event. This will make the teammates perform better with a 20% total boost. This % boost applies to all eight skills except Set Pieces (other attributes like experience ate not affected).

Proximity teammate list
Support plays as... In position... Bonus to...
Forward Central 10% to left Forward + 10% to right forward
Side (Right/Left) 10% to Middle Forward + 10% to right/left Winger
Inner Midfielder Middle 10% to Middle CD + 10% to middle FW
Right/Left IM 10% to right/left Winger + 5% to right/left CD + 5% to right/left FW
Winger 10% on left/right Forward + 10% on left/right Wingback
Defender Central 10% to left Defender + 10% to right Defender
Right/Left 10% to middle Defender + 10% to right/left Wingback
Wing back 10% to left/right + 10% to right/left Winger

But there may be drawbacks for the whole team if the check fails. Then a new check starts and teammates will have a 15% chance of a drop in organization level (confusion).

If the event is drawn, it inevitably lasts until the end of the game. There is no option to skip this check or directly influence it when triggered. The only way to lessen the chances of this drop, is to not outfield the Support when your opponent has higher main skill and experience. Not even man marking can battle against the possibility of the event.