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Supporter Week Trophy Logo
Supporter Week Trophy.png

The Supporter Week Trophy is a huge international official tournament in which participants are supporters only and the grand prize is a lifetime "Hattrick Diamond Supporter".

It was created by the Hattrick Team with the aim of increasing the number of supporters. During the first edition, founded by HT-Daniel on 29/06/2015, a discount on the supporter packages was also offered as a promotion.


How the Trophy is played
  • Every supporter with a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond supporter package, can subscribe for the tournament.
  • Each team will play the main stage against other supporter participants where each team plays 3 matches per day over 4 days, for a total of 10 rounds
(in each round, drawns are random between team that has the same amount of points).
  • At the end of the Week, the 64 teams that have the highest amount of points qualify for an knock-out stage
(if two or more teams have the same amount of points, the teams with the most number of wins until the first tie or loss will be ranked first; if both teams tie or if both teams lose, then the first team with a better result than the other team will be ranked higher; lastly the goal difference is taken into account).
  • Next and last stage is the Supporter Trophy final.


Edition G.S. Nat. Supporter Week Trophy.png Champion Runner-up
21 78 Uganda Draggen United Daestra
20 77 Czech Republic Gambiti 2 Luzern Swan
19 76 China Luzern Swan Ciudad Alhambra
18 75 Senegal Caesar Spor II Gambiti 2
17 74 Montenegro The Dutch küplüce
16 73 Belgium Toppie!!! Frontón de Fadón F.C.
15 72 Kuwait Hard en Onzuiver Corinthians Moçambique
14 71 Russia brise Greystone Vikings
12 69 Spain Olimpic de Burdeos Aloha Hoobsen F.ootball C.ranes
11 68 England Beta Broncos SocceroS (-S-) Żory
10 67 Romania Thor Soft United Legacy United
9 66 Luxembourg FC Bereldange Galway Bay Salmons FC
8 65 Latvia FK Jugla Shitfaced Gorillas
7 64 Georgia italianità FC Lisdorf
6 63 Finland FC Kobrakäsi REAL MADRİD C.F
5 62 Spain Dandy de Tazmania 2 FC Zoetahmeah
4 61 Italy I Vermotti Maaspoort United
3 60 Norway Løkka FK Winsanity
2 59 Estonia Metsmüttajad Orda Balorda Urbino
1 58 Netherlands Feyenoord's Extreme Eleven I Vermotti

Every team has the chance to win one of the prizes:

The Supporter Trophy
The winner of the tournament wins a lifetime Hattrick Diamond Supporter subscription and a selection of Hattrick merchandise. The finalist and semi-finalists receive a one year Diamond Supporter subscription.
Country Stars
The top 3 ranked teams for each country will get Credits prizes. The first will get 10 Credits, the second 5 Credits and the third 2 Credits.
Hattrick Heroes
For each Hattrick a player on your team scores during the tournament, you are rewarded with 1 Hattrick credit.
Milli Master
All teams whose final ranking in the Trophy is divisible by a thousand (#1000, #2000, #3000 and so on) win a 3 month Supporter Gold package.

In the first editions a Daily Giveaways was also planned (daily promotions and giveaways on the Cup, Facebook and Twitter pages).