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NT U-20 Sweden

NT U-21 Sweden

NT Sweden

Hattrick Country
Flag of Sweden
Coat of Arms of Sweden
Location of Sweden (link to Google map)
Wikipedia page
Currency kr
1,000 kr = 100 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time
Continent: Europe
Sweden HT Country
[[Northern Europe]]
Number of regions: 27
Current local season: 38
Number of teams:
(~ active)
51880 (active ~28000)
Level of series: 9
Top series name: Allsvenskan
National cups: Sverigecupen (main)
Sverige Emerald Cup (challenger)
Sverige Ruby Cup (challenger)
Sverige Sapphire Cup (challenger)
Sverige Consolation Cup (third tier)
National teams


  • Season 1: first divisions were established (16 teams in 2 series)
  • Season 2: additional II - IV. division, now 8 teams in top division (680 teams)
  • Season 3: additional V. division (1704 teams)
  • Season 11: additional VI. division and more V. division series (10920 teams)
  • Season 15: additional VII. division (19112 teams)
  • Season 17: additional VIII. division (27304 teams)
  • Season 22: additional IX. division (35496 teams)
  • Season 25: additional X. division (43688 teams)


Swedish staff

Note that in Sweden there are no longer any Moderators, that task lies with the GM's.

Former staff:

Note that in the early days, GMs didn't have a GM prefix, but an SL prefix (SL: Spelledare, which is Swedish for GameMaster). GMs in the list have been given a GM prefix, even if they were called "SL-something" or even "HT-something". Users currently having a HT-prefix are listed as HT in the list.

League champions

   Find similar.png   Main article: Allsvenskan
Season Team Name Manager Name
40 Norsgatan Kickers Norsgatan
39 Innat FC HoggeH
38 Zeta DrZeta
37 Innat FC HoggeH
36 Falköpings BK Sjostakovitj
35 Schenströmska BK mackan
34 Zeta DrZeta
33 LA Hookers LederAllan
32 LA Hookers LederAllan
31 Neonic FC mange_d
30 Neonic FC mange_d
29 fumpen karate
28 Skansholms SK GM-Tommy_la
27 Inter Sthlm DrDDD
26 Inter Sthlm DrDDD
25 Inter Sthlm DrDDD
24 Gäddträsket Geddan
23 Inter Sthlm DrDDD
22 Inter Sthlm DrDDD
21 Gäddträsket Geddan
20 IFK Livergården Livergarden
19 Gäddträsket Geddan
18 IFK Livergården Livergarden
17 EM Tigers EM-Tigers
16 Gäddträsket Geddan
15 Forest Rovers Forre
14 Mjällbyn mjallbyn
13 Sunne IK Sunne
12 Sunne IK Sunne
11 Gäddträsket Geddan
10 Sunne IK Sunne
9 Sunne IK Sunne
8 Sunne IK Sunne
7 Sunne IK Sunne
6 Juveby IF Juveby
5 Zakrock Rooch test-Bjorn
4 Zakrock Rooch test-Bjorn
3 Korpens All Stars ?
2 Blue Crusaders si161
1 Korpens All Stars[1] ?
1 Thunder Thunder

Sverigecupen champions

   Find similar.png   Main article: Sverigecupen
Season Team Name Manager Name
40 Nybro IF Steffo2009
39 Innat FC HoggeH
38 Innat FC HoggeH
37 Innat FC HoggeH
36 Coffin Nibblers melcor
35 Man United $$ alladin
34 Falköpings BK Sjostakovitj
33 tagestass Tagestass
32 Zeta DrZeta
31 IFK Ninweborg sladjad
30 Travnissarnas FK mrosander
29 Coffin Nibblers melcor
28 Handens Fina Grabbar henriklindback
27 Oriole United Drechbrel
26 Inter Sthlm DrDDD
25 Oriole United Drechbrel
24 IFK Livergården Livergarden
23 Inter Sthlm DrDDD
22 fumpen karate
21 IFK Livergården Livergarden
20 IFK FF Absolut
19 IFK Livergården Livergarden
18 EM Tigers EM-Tigers
17 IFK Livergården Livergarden
16 Arvidsjaur BK Lappkungen
15 Valium Vikings Valium
14 Starwars FX2770
13 Swemporri Swemporri
12 Talangen Stars PeterPeter
11 IFK FF Absolut
10 Smackers United coachLisa
9 Smackers United coachLisa
8 Sunne IK Sunne
7 Gäddträsket Geddan
6 IFK Livergården Livergarden
5 Real Mossen Saman
4 Baloo BK baloo
3 Zakrock Rooch[2] test-Bjorn

The Double

These are the teams that have managed to take home the double, i.e. managed to win both Allsvenskan and Sverigecupen in the same season.

Team Name Victories Season(s)
Inter Sthlm 2 23, 26
Innat FC 2 37, 39
Sunne IK 1 8

National Teams

Senior National Team

   Find similar.png   Main article: Sverige national team

As the first nation in Hattrick and, for many years, the largest, Sverige had a natural advantage in early international competition. They won the first three World Cups and six of the first seven, finishing runner-up to Norge in World Cup IV. However, as the popularity of Hattrick has increased in other nations, the status of Sverige as an international power has waned. Since their last title in World Cup VII, Sverige have finished in round IV, then round II, then been eliminated in three straight qualification rounds.

U-20 National Team

   Find similar.png   Main article: Sverige U-20 national team

Like the senior team, the Sverige U-20 team took advantage of their initial edge in number of teams to win the first two U-20 World Cups. However, the rest of Hattrick caught up quickly, and Sverige would not medal in the next four U-20 World Cups, finishing in round II in three of those and in round IV in U-20 World Cup V. The team enjoyed a brief renaissance in the next two competitions, with a bronze medal in U-20 World Cup VII and the country's most recent championship in any competition in U-20 World Cup VIII. After failing to qualify in the next three tournaments, U-20 Sverige advanced to round III of U-20 World Cup XII.


  1. ^  Both Korpen All Stars and Thunder were league champions season 1, as there where two top series. Korpen All Stars later became Appelkvist F.K. as it changed owner.
  2. ^  The first cup was played in season 3.

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