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TEUTA MILAN is an Albanian club from Durres managed by BLEDIDR. TEUTA MILAN has won the Superliga and Shqiperia Cup for 5 consecutive times, so he has win the double during the lastest 5 seasons in Shqiperia .

The club was founded on 17/03/2005. In his 10 season history this team had win 13 trophies. Also in his first season in Superliga, the season 6, this club finished 3nd in the Superliga.

He win 75 consecutive game in Albania ( Superliga and Albanians Cup) from 12-05-2007 to 17-05-2008.

BLEDIDR its owner, was coach of the U20 Shqiperia (Albania) for 2 consecutive elections and after that other 2 consecutive election NT coach of Shqiperia. In his first mandate in the season 7 for Albania (was the day 21/07/2006) U20 Albania has qualified for the final phase of the World Cup for the first time in its history Qualifications (U-20 World Cup VIII) - Group 16. Now he will try to do the same with his national team.

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