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:''This article is about tactics as a special order (CA, AIM, etc). For other meanings, see [[Tactics (disambiguation)]].''
== Introduction ==
There are five individual types of tactic within [[Hattrick]], listed with a brief explanation below.  Fuller details can be found on the individual pages. Each tactic's effectiveness (except [[Play creatively]]) depends on certain skills of your players. Also, all of them have drawbacks that should be taken into consideration when using them.
=== [[Counter attack]] ===
Counter Attacks are a tactic that involves giving up midfield dominance in an attempt to score goals by counter-attacking.  It can be very effective when used by a suitable team.
=== [[Pressing]] ===
Pressing means that all of your players try to put pressure on their opponents. They also put slightly more effort into breaking up your opponent's attacks than trying to create their own. The result is that the total number of potential chances in the game gets reduced for both teams.
=== [[Attack in the Middle]] ===
When using AIM, your team attempts to make more of your attacks down the centre of the pitch, at the expense of attacks on the wings. In other words, you trade attacks down the wings for attacks through the centre. You get a straight one for one exchange, so the total number of attacks remains constant. The disadvantage of this tactic is that your wing defence gets somewhat worse.
=== [[Attack on wings]] ===
This works in the same way as AIM, only in reverse. Instead of more attacks coming in the center, you get more of your attacks on the wings. Similarly to AIM, the disadvantage is that it weakens your central defence.
=== [[Play Creatively]] ===
When you use Play Creatively, there is a greater chance that special events (both positive and negative) will occur for both teams during the match. If both teams use Play Creatively, the chance for special events will be even greater. The downside is that teams playing creatively will be less focused on the defense, thus losing some defensive ability. Playing creatively will probably be good for SE-optimized teams (i.e. for teams that have many players with specialties).
Recommended reading: [http://hem.passagen.se/hammervald/abc_of_tactics_index.htm| ABC of Tactics]
What does SE-optimized mean?
Get the best combination of all possible positive SEs and avoiding negative SEs
(also important: Weather, Experience, Stamina)
All players:
-Longshot (combination of Scoring & high Set Pieces)
-Experience Event (high XP vs low XP)
-Head (you need more Headspecialists than your opponent)
-Stamina (High Stamina vs low Stamina)
-unexpected Move (unpredictable)
-Longpass (Unpredictable & high passing)
-Quick Defenders help stopping opposing Quick Forward & Wingers
-!Head vs Technical (Technical Forwards & Wingers are dangerous for Head Defenders)
-negative Unpredictable event, when low Defense
(-High Xperience recomendable when Playing Creatively!)
-negative Unpredictable event, when low Defense
-negative XP event
-good Pass & good scoring of Forward
-good Pass & Head reciever
-Technical vs Head (Head Defenders are weak against Technical Wingers)
-Weather SE: Quick (if opposing defender isn't Quick & clowdy weather)
(-high Wing Skill)
-Weather SE: Quick (if opposing defender isn't Quick & clowdy weather)
-unpredictable with high Scoring (& high XP) (catches opposing passes)
-Technical vs Head (Head Defenders are weak against Technical forwards)
-Long Pass (unpredictable & Pass)
-Highest Set Pieces (scoring not needed)
(-XP certainly good)
Weather Specialties: (no noticeable SEs)
Rain: gains on Defense, Playmaking & Scoring
Sunshine: loses Defense & Playmaking
Sunshine: gains on Scoring & Playmaking
Rain: loses on Scoring & Playmaking
Rain: loses Defense & Scoring
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