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A a scoring trainer my tactics are limited, as i need to stregthen my midfield while playing 3 forwards. If you plan on training scoring, i recommend

[ ---------GK--------------- ] ~#~#~#~#~# [ ---------GK----- ]

[ D.WB--CD--IM-D.WB ] ~#~#~#~#~# [ E.F--CD--CD-E.IM ]

[ E.Fo-IMD-IMD-WTM ] ~#~#~#~#~# [ E.CD--IMO-IMO-WTM ]

[ -----FO--FO------------- ] ~#~#~#~#~# [ ------FO--FO------- ]

The first formation gives you decent wing defence, which is useful against winger trainers, or people playing forwards towards wing. The second formation works well against most teams who concentrate on centre attack, but it leaves you relatively weak in midfield. Personally, i find tactics, like aim and aows, do more damage to your team than gain, so i prefer to play normal. Before each game examine your oppostion, and if its got strong midfield but weak attack, consider playing central defenders offensive..If its attack is strong, play your inner mids defensive, and ifs it defence is strong, play your inner mids offensive. I guess everyone will have different tactics, but i hope this insight into mine helps a little.