Tactics League of Honour

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Tactics League of Honour (or simply TLOH) is the highest league for the Youth Academy teams of the members of the Tactics Federation.

Season 0 was the initial season, and then the league names were just for the sake of looks. After this initial season, all the participating teams were sorted according to the results, and the best 8 teams were put into TLOH. Those 8 teams competed during Season 1, and the winning team in the end was The Pinbots (Youth Academy team of Pinball Wizards managed by GM-VeryRisky). However, due to not knowing the youth academy rules too well, the admin (at that time and still: another) forgot to kick out the relegated teams, so Season 2 started with the very same teams. The 2nd season has been won by Junior Gunners (Youth Academy team of Riga Gunners managed by another). Season 3 is currently about to begin.

Current Teams:
Junior Gunners
Bouncing Baby Blues
Petit Claws
The Pinbots
Mustum Lixivum
FC Acta Est Fabula II