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I hope that an admin will read these lines. I would like to change the templates. Where can I write them ? Templates:Fr/xxx or Fr/Templates:xxx ?

Thank you for an answer :o)

Correct place would be Templates:Fr/xxx. --Jhattara 14:32, 17 March 2007 (UTC)

Why did you change the categorie for this page ? We (French people who want to start a French wiki) decided to change the organisation of the categories. For national teams, we would like to have a category for "A" teams or competitions and an other one for "U20" teams or competitions. That's why I made changes yesterday. We would like that the category "Coupe du monde" would be deleted in the future because it becomes unnecessary. Thank you for your comprehension.

You should use more clear category names. "A" doesn't tell anybody anything unless he knows exactly what it should mean. You could for example use categories "Coupe du monde" and "Coupe du monde U20". Anyways I think that category "Coupe du monde" should exist if there are sub categories related to it. --Jhattara 08:08, 24 April 2007 (UTC)

I think "Coupe du monde" is too much specific. What do you think about subcategory's names : "Equipes nationales A" and "Equipes nationales U20" (NT A and NT U20 in English) ? At this moment, we think these categories should contain every article in relation with the NTs : a specific team or the results of a World Cup. But if someone wants to create a lot of specific subjects about the former world cups, the category could appear. But at this moment, we don't plan do more than one article about each kind of world cup.

In that case I think you should just keep with "Equipes nationales" and gather both NT and U20 articles under it. --Jhattara 09:39, 24 April 2007 (UTC)

Why not ;o) Can you delete the subcategories. We will see in the future if subdivisions are necessary.