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As soon as it's affordable, change to a solid coach with poor leadership. This along with a good training regime should be the first priority for your team to succeed

If however you can't afford a solid coach because of some newbie mistakes you've made you should at least consider hireling a passable coach

How about recommending them to take a look at the helping programs?

Wikipedia has strict writing rules, and its articles are supposed to be presented from an objective, factual point of view. There are no official ones here, but I did take my time to reword this article and remove most subjective opinions and beliefs, as well as all the "you must" and "you should" orders. This is a wiki, a source of information, and not a dictatorship. Also, please read, note that football is a game (whereas two teams play a match), refrain from any specific names, and stop putting every other sentence in parenthesis. The structure is something I won't touch for now. -C2950

Very nice work! Just one question:

quote: "(e.g. train one Primary skill for at least 3-4 seasons, and train 17-19yo players)"

I would say training 17yo players is most of the time not advisable, certainly not for newbies, and training players older than 19yo is highly underrated. Why shouldn't we advise newbies to calculate the expected profit per week of training and base their decision on that...?

This is a Wiki, dude - you're more than free to change the article :)

Dang...having problems getting the link to the category page for formations.

the principle #3 is missing.. hehe a secret key to success? :)

I've edited Pharbo's original tips back in, as they are appropriate here, I think the opinion tag should be added thoughDancing rob 16:16, 29 November 2005 (UTC)