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how about putting in information rather than just cold facts and lists like inform that anything below weak is worthless. a discussion on multi-skilled players and what constitutes a high secondary. Maybe a discussion on what counts as a very high skill in something. What level of skill is state of the art. when do wages become a real problem. etc

discussion about form, what is average form level, can you expect your players to be inadequate, passable or solid on average?

Serafimul: That would be nice. But if we are to extend those subjects maybe would be easier to split it in different pages. --- I don't think that making the font-size smaller will help anyone.

I agree that the wikipedia shouldn't just be a copy of the rules. I won't start working on this page at the moment, but I'd be glad if someone did. I'm working on the related topic subskills and would be glad if someone added a statement about the difference between the skill that is shown on the Hattrick page and the underlying skill of a player.

Generally happy with the content now, but the first paragraph needs work Dancing rob 23:10, 29 November 2005 (UTC)