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What are we going to do with this in terms of page outlay - should each tactic get its own separate page or should they all stay below like they are now? We can't have both I suppose, but we do have both now.

I also dislike the links from abbreviations, which should be fixed as soon as we have made the decision above.

Shout people!

I took out the idea of AOW and AIM being dependent upon your series ladder level. 1, it's confusing. 2, it's not proven. Opinion is not a good idea in a Wiki, unless stated as such.

Each tactic should have it's own page. They're an important aspect of the game

This tactics page could be a nice general tactic page explaining formations, player orders, tactics for training types, and match tactic orders and then link to far more detailed info on all the above on other pages like the 3-4-3 page or the FTW page etc

would agree with that. I think there is a little too much description here at the moment, but 2 - 3 lines on each tactic would be good.

I don't like this article at all, it only talks about the 'special tactics', there's much more to tactics than just this imo...