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Should we really advise people to buy a passable/poor coach? IMO the key to success early is promoting and surviving in V (or VI or so in a larger country) THEN buying a Solid coach. Seems to me like by advising people to buy passable/poor, we're making a breed of farm teams instead of competitors. To get people interested in the game, they need to see success is within grasp. Nothing teaches that better than winning and learning how to manage TS early on. Yes, training is important, but so are sponsor revenue, gate receipts, and prize money. It's very possible to run a successful training program without a passable trainer... I did it my first two seasons. Buying passable/poor seems like a waste of money to me. I'd much rather tell my friends to buy inadequate/passable and start winning and establish their training program with the revenue from gate receipts. --Catalyst 20:22:13, 2005-12-21 (UTC)