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I have added when to cash in, and also a minor change to general, as general (although very minimally) does train keepers

Do alot of people not train till 21, might be worth mentioning that for balance. The bit on form about goalkeeping was there, just not very clear really. So I've tidyed it up so hopefully it is clear now that general trains goalkeeping and also that shooting trains set pieces

I feel personally that 21 is getting on a bit, so I put 20, but that said if the general consensus is 21 it can be changed

As team gets stronger, it becomes important to find the balance between trainable and playable players, therefore I'd say, that 21 y.o. are not too old for training.

With through passes, you can train 20 people, not 18. You could play twice 5-5-0.

you can indeed train 20 as you can with defensive position however since you can't gain formation experience I did not count them.

In reality each training type could well have a page to itself detailing all the ins and outs profit potential/formations to use/ways to balance winning games and using that type of training

Since training is so vital to hattrick it is no harm to strive to create a real definitive guide to all the options

What do you think about adding section with pros and cons of different training types? -- jablan

I agree completely but the differences between each choice is non trivial. To present all the facts I think it would be worthwhile having a page for each training type, except general :), outlining the amount of people doing it, potential profitability, cost of trainees, important secondaries, what formations it limits you to and other such considerations --Theschneer 19:16, 25 November 2005 (UTC)

Is that 16 weeks for Set Pieces trained with Shooting really correct? /Escogido#

with the training table - does anyone else feel there should be a more exact description of how training works, ie, the percentage per week numbers, or should we stick to the hattrix numbers? --Dancing rob